4 Things You Must Know About The Trendy Third Eye Piercing

4 Things You Must Know About The Trendy Third Eye Piercing

By: Ariel Rodriguez -

This forehead piercing can become your new favorite accessory!

The cultural statement worn in South Asian countries, known as bindis, are colored dots placed on the forehead that sometimes are replaced by a little piece of jewelry. Although not exclusive for women, it’s predominantly used by them and all sorts of new creative innovations of the ancient facial decoration are trending. Its interpretations may vary depending on the country and religious tradition they are being used for. For example, Hindu married women were a red bindi to symbolize their marriage, and the color black is reserved for single women. Bindis that are placed in between the eyebrows are believed to be the center of the universe in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism beliefs. They are called by many names, like ajna chakra, spiritual eye, or the third eye, which are said to be the most important nerve in the body.

The traditions and meanings behind bindis are slowly being forgotten, yet their use is still a perfect way for many to stylize their face or match an outfit. Bindis became so popular that they have inspired other facial embellishment methods like the third eye piercing. Unlike paint or glued bindis, the third eye piercing is long lasting and it’s being used among all cultures. It’s a perfect way to give your face a new glow. if you are thinking about getting one of these cosmic-inspired piercings, you’ll probably want to know the following:

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The third eye piercing is a bridge piercing that is placed over a flat surface with thickish flesh. Because a forehead is not aesthetically flat and the skin layer is thin, the piercing is placed preferably over the lower-centered area, above the eyebrows. This area is cleaned and the skin is pinched with a pierce to allow a hollow needle to create a piercing channel. If the piercing is not symmetrically centered, this presents some complications since nonsymmetrical facial characteristics are easily noticeable. Bridge piercings are often used on the nose, eyebrows and lips. It is important to rely on a professional piercer with experience to avoid certain complications.


Due to skin and anatomical differences, sometimes the third eye piercing may present complications when there is not a lot of flesh to grab on to. Migration may appear in some case, making the piercing look non-symmetrical and rejection of the piercing might bring cause some pain or discomfort. If you already have a piercing, then you probably know how your skin reacts to them. Unlike the nose, the lower forehead contains some blood vessels that cannot be touched while piercing. if this is your first time getting your face pierced, make sure you consult a trustworthy piercing salon. If you start noticing an infection of some sort, go to a doctor. You might have to give it another try after the infection is gone.

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It is important to avoid rough exercises or careless washing since this may cause the piercing to come off. Healing usually takes from four to six months. Keep in mind that accomplishing a perfect piercing means allowing it to heal and taking care of it. If the bridge piecing brings you discomfort and you choose to remove it, keep in mind it might start healing and you'll lose your perforation. 


Bindi piercings come in many shapes and colors. There is a wide variety to choose from online and at local salons. because of its compatibility to the forehead, smaller accessories are recommended. You may replace them every now and then to give your face a new look.

4 Things You Must Know About The Trendy Third Eye Piercing 3


The third eye piercing is also known as an unicorn piercing. Yoga practitioners and other mystic believers love this trend, but it's not exclusive to them. Always ask experts and quote pricing with at least two salons before you decide on getting it. Choosing you accessories is very fun – alway disinfecting them and making sure to replace them every now and then.


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