Things You Need To Know Before Getting The Hottest Trend In Lip Piercing

Its quite common to get really excited about trying new trends, but there are some things you have to take into account to see if they can work with you.

It’s well known that piercings are an ancient tradition of body ornamentation that can be found in many cultures around the world. Throughout history, and depending on the culture, we’ll find that they have many different meanings. However, the piercing trend as we currently know it has its origins in the twentieth century, to be precise during the emergence of punk in the sixties. This movement adopted piercings as a mark of their visual looks. Besides them, during the same decade a group of people in California decided to open what’s known as the first piercing business in Hollywood, and from then on, the rest is history. 

Nowadays, having a piercing doesn’t mean you belong to a determined group, but it's just an esthetic choice, just like tattoos. So, bearing that in mind, we’re going to talk about the ultimate trend in lip piercing commonly known as the Ashley or Inverse Vertical Labret. As you can see from the photos, it’s really unique, and to be honest (as someone who isn’t very fond of piercings), quite a beautiful statement piece. But just as with any piercing, there are some facts you should know before getting it.

To start with, the idea of this particular piercing is that one end of the piece (the one with the bead) sits in the middle of the lower lip while the other end goes inside the mouth. Since the needle has to literally pierce a lot of tissue in an area that has a lot of nerve endings, this is a particularly painful piercing considered by many the most painful one you can get on the lips. So, if your pain scale isn’t that high, this might not be the best choice for you. 

Another thing to bear in mind is the selection of the piece. Since it goes in the mouth, you have to select one piece that sits comfortably on your lip and that doesn’t obstruct or affect your natural movements. The advice here, if you’re not familiar or used to lip piercings, is to start with a smaller and simpler piece, and as soon as you get used to having it there, you can move to a bigger or more complex piece.

Now, talking about barbells, experts recommend to change the first one as soon as the swelling is gone. Now, since it’s an area of the body that’s moist and in constant use, it takes a bit longer for it to heal than other types of piercings like ears, brows, or even the nose. It has an estimated healing time of eight to ten weeks, so as you might imagine, it’s a very demanding type of piercing you will have to really engage with and take care of. Going back to the piece selection, once the swelling is gone, it’s advisable to change it for a new and clean one, and more importantly to have one that's the perfect size for your lip. To do so, it's better to go back to the studio and have it changed by an expert, at least the first time.

Finally, it’s important for you to know that the tissue in this particular zone is prepared to heal quite fast compared to other parts of the body, so if you take out the jewelry from your lip it will start to close in about fifteen to twenty minutes. Now, it won’t close completely, of course, but it could make it difficult and kind of dangerous to put it back by yourself. All in all, what’s great about piercings is that they aren’t permanent body ornaments, so you can actually try all of them until you find those that best match your taste and personality. 


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