A Guide To Embody Tilda Swinton's Timeless Looks

A Guide To Embody Tilda Swinton's Timeless Looks

By: Maria Isabel Carrasco -


What can we say about Tilda Swinton that hasn’t been said yet? She’s basically the whole package: amazing acting skills, intriguing personality, and of course, outstanding looks and outfits. She's an icon both in pop culture and fashion. Her looks always reflect who she is and her strong personality, making her stand out wherever she goes. One of the things she has taught us is to be true to ourselves and dress whatever way we feel like, as long as we don’t try to appear  as something we’re not. As she walks down the glittering red carpets you'll notice how she doesn't follow the rules or the fashion standards that are in vogue at that moment. She has always found ways to surprise us with her minimalist and groundbreaking outfits. 

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Even though she’s become a fashion icon many try to copy, she still considers herself a newbie in the industry. As she has mentioned,
“I still have –and am happy to retain– a beginner’s mind.”  In fact she has admitted that she's not too keen on fashion and the only reason she models or wears haute couture is because of her friends who happen to work in the industry. So, how has she managed to be one of the most relevant fashion icons of our time? I do believe that what makes her so special is her self-confidence. When she attends a red carpet or is spotted walking down the street, we don't look at her clothes, we look at the woman wearing them. 

What’s so tantalizing about her style? Many celebrate her androgynous features while others say it is her fearlessness that give her that special quality. 
I do believe most of her outfits convey a very particular and unique kind of femininity, not as we usually understand it, but a unique, enticing way that makes us want see more of her style. The most important thing about her style is showing who she is, so here are some tips, not to copy her, but to know how to embrace your inner self through clothes, just as she does.

You don’t have to get stuck in one style

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Although she’s well recognized for her constant use of androgynous outfits, she’s capable of pulling off any style. It’s easy to get stuck with one particular style because we feel comfortable, but think outside the box: you can wear anything you like as long as you feel confident.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

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Once you’ve passed the first task of stepping out of your comfort zone, start experimenting with small pieces and outfits. You will never know if you can wear something if you don’t try it. More importantly, think of yourself first, instead of wondering what people will think about your look.

Don’t let clothes wear you

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That’s one of the most crucial fashion lessons we have learned from Tilda Swinton. Don’t ever let clothes wear you. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you are wearing, as long as you portray your personality and essence. Don’t be afraid to wearing audacious; on the contrary, use those statement pieces to show how bold you can be.

Your personality is literally your best attribute

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Again, you might see hundreds of women wearing the same dress and you wouldn’t even look at the girl, but you’d be wondering why you see this dress everywhere. The most attractive thing we have is our personality, and fashion, instead of being what makes you look better, should be our tool to express ourselves.


In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Tilda Swinton was asked how can we embrace her style, and she answered: “Super easy, just take your mascara off." Her witty sense of humor is precisely the best way to replicate her style, not by wearing the exact outfits she’s worn, but by conveying our pure nature and free spirit. By this, of course, I mean that the most important thing is to reflect your essence. 


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