The Best Tips To Look Instantly Sexy At Will

The Best Tips To Look Instantly Sexy At Will

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You don't need to spend thousands of dollars or huge amounts of time to look great. Here are the best tips to look instantly sexy at will.

Too many people out there are looking for the secret ingredient for attraction, spending thousands of dollars in the painful and often futile process of looking better for the sake of others. But no amount of shopping will ever give results if you don't first master the following fundamental rules of beauty.

If you don't want to spend so much to artificially change that which you'd be better off changing naturally anyway, take note. Here are the best tips to look instantly sexy at will.

tips to look instantly sexy at will

tips to look instantly sexy at will

Confidence, confidence, confidence

This may seem obvious, but it's important to mention: confidence as a whole is one of the greatest marks of attraction there can be. Almost everything else is subordinate to this one, key aspect. Even in photos, a confident pose or expression immensely improves your odds that others will find you sexy. You can be the best-dressed, most physically attractive person in the world, but without confidence you simply won't go far.

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Confidence is so powerful that any given man or woman (or anyone in between) can go from 'meh' to 'smoking hot' in an instant with just a change of attitude—if you know what you're doing. Several of the next items in this list will be only variations on this one theme.

Never underestimate the power of perception, and the power of displays of confidence to change the perception in others. Tone of voice, posture, lack of tense features or awkwardness—all are vital features to look instantly sexy at will.

tips to look instantly sexy at will

It's all in the eyes

One of the first and most important details in your appearance that others will focus on is your eyes. So, make the most of it. To reflect self-confidence, the single best tip here is to maintain eye contact throughout your conversations or social interactions. It's not always easy, but it's a foolproof display of assertiveness.

And the smile

And then there's the smile, arguably one of the most endearing qualities of all. A good smile not only reflects confidence, but it makes you instantly attractive by letting others feel more comfortable around you. An authentic smile is welcoming, fun, relaxing, and extremely sexy.

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Dress in red

Red is an eye-catching color. According to studies by several research bodies, both men and women are attracted to people wearing red over any other color. It doesn't matter if it's an all-red outfit, just being bordered in reddish hues instantly enhances your attraction. So feel free to go for a varied, fashionable mix of colors—as long as you make sure to include some red in there.

tips to look instantly sexy at will

Let your body speak

Bodily expression is beautiful in itself. An expressive person looks both confident and interesting at once, so an animated body language and facial expressions are a sure way to look sexy. This includes moving your hands to express your points, not keeping your face locked in a single position, and giving your voice a good deal of variety. In other words, try and avoid speaking with a monotone vocalization, and mix & match all sorts of movements to your communication skills.

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Just don't overdo it—you don't want to go from sexy to awkward, or look like you're trying too hard. Also, this doesn't mean you shouldn't be yourself, if you're an introvert who doesn't like to be too expressive. But if you want a way to look instantly sexy, you might want to put some effort in and practice your body language to display a bit more than you're used to—even if it's not much.

Good posture

This one's a must. You'd be surprised with how quickly we judge someone else based on their posture. Subconsciously, we get all kinds of information from the way someone stands—from health signs to attitudes. The healthier you look, the sexier you'll be, and a good posture signals good health. 

tips to look instantly sexy at will

This includes back strength, for example, or whether or not you're tired. So, just like having a curved back might make you look insecure and unhealthy, straightening your pose will make you appear instantly sexier by making you look more fit, well-awake, and considerably taller.

Trust in nature

Looking natural is definitely attractive. The more constructed and artificial you look, the less appealing others will find you. An imperfect natural skin, for example, is far more attractive than a perfect artificial one. Someone sporting a natural look will look instantly sexier than someone who's notably wearing tons of unnecessary makeup and cosmetic add-ons. Keep it light, keep it easy. The more natural you look, the more confident your appearance.

tips to look instantly sexy at will

There you go, 7 general tips to look instantly sexy at will. These work for guys, gals, and every other denomination out there. So, now you know—there's no magic ingredient to attraction that doesn't first come from your own willpower.

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