The Top 10 Best Foundations To Make Your Skin Look Flawless This 2019

These 10 foundations are serious makeup game-changers and the industry’s favorites.

So we’ve reached that point when all we want is to keep up with the makeup craze. With new launches almost every week, buying that new and amazing eyeshadow palette is the go-to of the season. Either from our favorite brand or influencer, these new collections are so appealing that they invite us to spend most of our wage on makeup. And we're willing to do so. At least I am. However, something I realized not so long ago is that it doesn’t matter how great your eyeshadow is, or how blinding your new highlighters are, or even how astonishing your lipsticks are, if you don't have the right foundation, your makeup won’t be on point.

The very first thing we should all think about before getting any new makeup is finding the perfect foundation for our skin type. This is crucial for us to create a smooth and healthy canvas to make the magic of happen. With so many options out there, it can be hard to even decide which one is THE one for each one of us. Yet, from all the wide variety of brands and products, these are the best ten foundations that are ruling the market right now.


Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation (Fenty Beauty)

@fentybeautyI’ve been obsessed with this one for the past months. Not only RiRi paved the way for inclusive foundations with 50 different shades so anyone could find their right tone, but she also created an amazing formula that remains smooth and matte on the skin for hours.

This medium-to-full-coverage foundation is great for all skin types though it’s worth mentioning its matte finish can create a crackle effect on non-moisturized dry skins. Pair it with their setting powder and you’ll have a smooth flawless skin all day long.


Forever Skin Glow 24H Wear Radiant Perfection Skin-Caring Foundation (Dior)

@diormakeupIf you want to go for something fancy and with great results, Dior is your the go-to. This long-wearing foundation comes in 67 shades and has a unique and natural finish that will make you look as if you were glowing from within. And it's amazing since it evens your natural skin tone without making it look as if you were wearing makeup at all. Also, Its formula counts with an SPF 35 that will protect your skin while blurring your pores and it's perfect for normal to dry skins. If you’re too oily, this brand also offers a velvet-matte alternative.

Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation (Beauty Blender)

@beautyblenderThough Beauty Blender’s foundation release was filled with controversy over their shade ranges, the brand really went to great lengths to create a unique and high-tech formula for the skin. So, the tea was that this foundation came up with 40 different shades but most of them were light and medium shades (which the company stated it was because they were targeting to latinx skins). Yet, what’s great about this foundation, if you happen to find your match, is that its mousse consistency will give you a nice and smooth air-brush finish. And, the texture is so light that you it feels as if you have no makeup on.


Lingerie Soufflé Skin Perfecting Color + In The Buff Powder Spray (Stila)

@stilacosmeticsThese two beauties aren’t technically foundation, but they're perfect for those who want a super natural and radiant look. The first one is a putty-like tint that will even your skin tone in a natural and glowing way, great for basically every skin tone. Its formula is 70% water and it was created to give a smooth and even texture to your skin. Without applying much product, this foundation creates a color veil that gives your skin a natural and healthy look. 

Stila also launched a loose setting powder spray (yes, you read that right) that perfectly applies some microfine powder to hide imperfections and set any makeup. This one’s literally the holy grail for oily skins who hate applying tons and tons of products to mattify their skin. 


Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation (NARS)

@narsissistWith a promise of a 16-hour wear, NARS raise their game with this full coverage foundation that conceals every single pore, blemish, or dark spot. Its formula is lightweight which gives you a natural peachy finish while blending with your natural skin undertones, so it won’t look cakey or smudgy. If you were wondering, this foundation comes in 33 different shades.

Shameless Youthful-Look 24H Foundation SPF 25 (Marc Jacobs)

@marcjacobsbeautyOk, here’s another high-end product that's worth its price in quality. Marc Jacobs is known for their luxurious makeup (mainly their vibrant eyeshadows and liners) and their foundation is no exception. This foundation is great for those who prefer a dewy and glowy finish. While it makes you shine naturally, this foundation that comes in 29 shades won’t make you look sweaty or shinny. Moreover, it has SPF 25 that protects your skin from the sun while giving you even full coverage and color.


Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick (Hourglass)

@hourglasscosmeticsIf you’re one of those people who likes doing their makeup fast and without fuss, this one is perfect for you. With a stick presentation, this foundation has a long-wearing waterproof formula that’s so easy to apply and blend. And it's easy to carry on your purse. With a 32 shade range, it's perfect for those who want full coverage without compromising its radiant look.

Teint Idole Ultra Long Wear Foundation (Lancôme)

@lancomeofficialThis foundation is an all time favorite and it doesn’t seem to change its status anytime soon. It's the must-have for those who like a matte yet glowy finish. Their formula looks great on every skin tone, texture, or complexion. It’s an oil-free foundation, so it helps the product blend in with your natural color, as if it had an airbrushed finish.


L’essentiel Foundation (Guerlain)

@guerlainGuerlain always comes up with unique and awesome products, and this year isn’t the exception. With one of the only foundations in the market made with 97% natural ingredients, Guerlain is great for those who don’t like putting so much stuff on their skin. This label has amazing products that won’t only make your face look flawless but will also improve its complexion and texture. Some of the top ingredients of this new foundation is Yacon Juice, a tuber extract high in prebiotics that will help you balance and strengthen your skin cells. It’s mineral based pigments allows your skin to breath while moisturizing it.

Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation (Benefit Cosmetics)

@benefitcosmeticsOur last beauty product made a huge fuss on the market when it came out not only due to its lovely packaging but for its great formula. This light-to-medium-coverage foundation helps creating a very sheer veil-like finish that will blur and even any imperfection and skin undertones. Though it only has 12 shades, its formula stretches and adapts perfectly for every single skin color. It has SPF 15 and it’s a melt-proof formula that won’t smudge for hours; the perfect foundation for the warm weather of the summer time.


These foundations are the top of the top right now for its great long-lasting formulas. There’s basically one for everybody's needs and desires. Hit to your closest Sephora and try them out. I swear you’ll come out with the perfect foundation for you.

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