7 Looks You Need To Avoid When Traveling

April 3, 2017

|Diego Cera
travel outfit faux paux

Sometimes you just need to get away from the everyday routine. After scouring for cheap flights and the perfect little room with a view, we plan out what fits in our carry-on. And then we choose the right outfit to feel like a celebrity, even when flying coach. However, fashionistas everywhere tend to overlook one important detail when it comes to travel chic: glamour does not have to mean uncomfortable.

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Always keep in mind a few pointers to avoid starting your weekend getaway on the wrong foot. This way you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your break from monotony while still being in vogue.

Skip on the skimpy. The air conditioning is usually on blasting high during flights, so, in order to avoid having to buy an overpriced airport touristy sweatshirt to wear on top, try keeping your travel outfit cool but not too light.  

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travel outfit faux paux 3

It could be a good idea to trade your skinny jeans for a pair of jogger pants and sneakers. If you feel like you can’t commit to loungewear, boyfriend jeans are another great option.

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You might think it simpler to wear your heels on your flight to get more suitcase room. However, between having to take them off during the security check and then cross the entire terminal to find your gate, you’ll be glad you chose to stow those away and wear your walking shoes instead.

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While accessories are always a great way to finish your look, wearing or keeping high-end jewelry in your carry-on could be a headache.  If you’re wearing it, you’ll be uncomfortable when you need to take it off in the check point. If you’re keeping it in your bag, you’ll feel paranoid about something happening. All in all, it’s an unnecessary pain .

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travel outfit faux paux 9

Traveling light is always best, and not just when it comes to your luggage. Unless you’re going to the frozen tundra, leave those massive coats at home.

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travel outfit faux paux 11

Nobody likes to admit that our bodies tend to bloat during a trip. Leave the tight jeans and crops for the destination and try to keep your inflight outfit easy peasy.  

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travel outfit faux paux 13

Hats are a complicated item. You’ll worry they’ll get damaged in the suitcase, but wearing them will mean an even more awkward stop at the airport bathroom, where you’ll fight with your luggage fitting in the stall, and then deciding whether to hang your purse of your hat on the hook. Unless you’re ready to shell out on a hat bag, leave it safe at home.

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We constantly search for the right blend of style and wearability. It’s not impossible to look chic while being comfortable. It takes some planning ahead, as well as flexibility in terms of not looking exactly like what we had in mind.  

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Diego Cera

Diego Cera