How To Own Black Outfits In Hot Weather Without Melting

Don't know how to rock your black outfit this summer? Just follow these steps to keep looking fly without getting a heatstroke.

By Diana Garrido

Remember when you were in that emo phase and you wore My Chemical Romance t-shirts every day? And your mom always told you that if you went out wearing that outfit in the middle of summer, you would die of heatstroke? But then you were very very stubborn, and wanted to show this was no "phase" at all, but your true, authentic self. So you suffered long hours of sweating just to prove her wrong, though deep down you wished you had listened to your mom. Sounds about right?

But everything is on your head, trust us. Warm weather is warm weather, and you will feel it regardless of the color you wear. That said, if you do wear black clothes, you’ll actually feel much fresher. Wait, WHAT?! Yes, your mom will be shocked when she finds out, so bring her and read ahead together.


There’s a scientific explanation, and it goes like this: convection. Sure, white garments reflect sun-rays, and black ones absorb them. That's true. What most people forget, though, is to take body heat into account. No matter how white your clothes are, they will reflect your own heat back on to you. Black clothes, however, allow your body-heat to leave. 

Yet, overall, more than the color itself, it's the size that matters: wearing loose clothes will always be better, since they will let your body breathe. The good news is you don’t have to stop wearing your Robert Smith cosplay this spring. You just simply have to learn to wear the right pieces.


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Wear a transparent piece. A dress or long blouse is the best thing you can wear underneath a tight and small outfit. Try a t-shirt and shorts that allow you to shape your figure. The garment you wear on top will give you a stronger sense of security.

A jumpsuit is all you need to take your dark soul with you whenever sunlight takes over the city. The more transparent it is, the better. Make sure to match it up with sandals and a good pair of sunglasses.

A little black dress with your favorite denim jacket will have you looking as chic as you can look.

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If you mix a miniskirt up with a shirt and sneakers, it won’t look like you're trying too hard at all. You’ll look great and, um... oh yes! You won’t die of heatstroke.

It's time to get something sexy, but subtle. Wear those pants at the waist that you love so much, and mix them up some suspenders and a mini top. You will look beautiful and fresh. And remember: if you don’t feel very comfortable, you can complement them with a transparent shirt.

If you want something less The Cure-ish, I would advise you to wear a nice tank top, cute espadrilles and pampered jeans. A simple but winning look.

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Band t-shirts are usually very large. It doesn’t matter. Take advantage of its size and match your favorite band with a mini short, your favorite sneakers and a sensual messy hair.

Give the world the best version of you to get a simpler outfit that won’t require you to lose your most authentic style. Do it with a touch of genius and it’ll be all you need to look fly during the heat waves. Own the dark outfit that matches your soul, no matter how hot the weather is.

Translated by Santiago González

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