6 Kitschy Ways You Can Wear Floral Print Without Looking Outdated
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6 Kitschy Ways You Can Wear Floral Print Without Looking Outdated

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By: Maria Isabel Carrasco

May 9, 2017

How About 6 Kitschy Ways You Can Wear Floral Print Without Looking Outdated

Every time spring approaches, there’s some sort of floral craze in fashion. In the last runways, most of the top designers presented floral print garments, setting it as the ultimate trend for the spring and summer seasons. Another great reason for this print’s comeback is the latest fever for vintage clothing, which has become so mainstream, to the point that now it’s hard to tell if an item is vintage or just an imitation. So, this season we’ll see flowers everywhere, literally everywhere.

What used to be a symbol of femininity, changed during the sixties, when both men and women adopted it as an emblem of their connection to nature. By the end of the seventies and early eighties, it was associated again with women and femininity. Besides, it became the representation of kitschy fashion. With the passing of time, this image has managed to survive the ever-changing world of fashion, but now it has become a fashionable item for everybody. Here are some ways you can adopt it without looking outdated or a copy of the flower-power generation.


trendy floral prints accessories-w636-h600

The best way to embrace this trend in an elegant and fashionable way is without overcharging it. In other words, pick only one element of your outfit with this pattern. If you want to wear floral patterns in a discrete way, accessories can be your best allies. Wearing a floral backpack, a purse, a minimalist watch with some flowers, or even a set of headphones can give you that spring and natural vibe without going too far.


trendy floral prints embroidery-w636-h600

Part of this nostalgia fashion is the return of embroidered floral motifs. This beautiful style is present everywhere, from dresses to blouses, skirts, and even denim. The vibrant colors of flowers create a beautiful contrast with the blue of denim or dark clothes. However, white cotton shirts are also an excellent way to make the most of a floral embroidery.


trendy floral prints jackets-w636-h600

Those days when jackets were only used to protect us from cold and, therefore, made with boring solid colors, have already passed. Now we can find a wide variety of colorful patterned jackets, sweatshirts, kimonos, and sweaters to add a touch of originality to our looks.


trendy floral prints shoes-w636-h600

 You can combine a sober look with colorful shoes to make them the statement pieces of your outfit. Basically, you can find almost any kind of shoe with this pattern, from pumps, platforms, flats, and sandals, to even sneakers.

Subtle Prints

trendy floral prints subtle-w636-h600

Just like with accessories, there are people who prefer more discrete pieces. If you love the floral trend but think it’s too much, try wearing clothes with small flower patterns and combine them with solid and darker colors.


trendy floral prints sports wear-w636-h600

Finally, if you're really into the flowery trend and you wish to fully incorporate it in your life, here are some ideas to turn your daily exercise routine into a floral adventure. From yoga pants and swimsuits to running shoes and shorts, there's a wide variety of options you can choose for your athletic style.


One important thing about fashion is experimenting in a conscious way. Even the wildest trend can look great if you know how to combine and adapt it so it fits your personal style. The same happens with the floral fever: choose just a single item to be your statement piece and combine it with solid colors. You don't want to look like a walking garden, am I right?


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