6 Ways You Can Turn Your Everyday Outfits Into High Fashion Pieces
How About

6 Ways You Can Turn Your Everyday Outfits Into High Fashion Pieces

How About 6 Ways You Can Turn Your Everyday Outfits Into High Fashion Pieces

Somehow we all have the idea that the more expensive a thing is, the better. While that might be correct in some situations, there are tons of things, especially in the fashion and beauty business, that are expensive not because of the object itself, but due to their brand. I lead my life under one principle: there are pricey things, and there are others that cost money. I know, it sounds kind of redundant, but for me, there’s a huge difference. When I say that something costs money, I’m referring to essential things for which investing a little bit of extra money is necessary, for instance, a good mattress, or a quality computer you know will last for a while without having to spend every now and then to repair it. Contrary to that, pricey or expensive things are all those things that you can easily get for a lower price, and most fashion items would enter into this category.

You might say that there’s a huge difference between a good quality pair of jeans and some that might last for about a year. And that’s probably right, but nowadays the world of fashion moves so fast that what is fashionable today, tomorrow might be completely outdated. For instance, I have a pair of jeans my grandfather gave to me about 10 years ago that are in a perfect state, but to be honest, I never wear them because they’re not really trendy anymore, so they’ve been there just sitting in my wardrobe waiting for the trend to come back. Now, there are many timeless pieces that I absolutely recommend having, like a nice quality coat, or a pair of shoes you know you can match with absolutely anything. But most of us love adopting the latest trends and look fashionable without having to spend all our income on one single piece that you might only wear a couple of times. So, if you’re all about looking high-end without spending ridiculous amounts of money, here are some tips you can follow to make your clothes look expensive.

Perfect fit

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Rule number one: when you're buying a high-fashion item, you're not buying just the piece, but the whole service behind it. If you’re spending thousands, you expect the piece to fit perfectly on you, and for that reason, many of these clothes are altered. It might increase a bit the overall amount of what you spend on the piece, but invest a little bit on a good tailor to make them fit perfectly. Most things will only require minor modifications, but are absolutely worth it.


Take good care of your clothes so they look new

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And this is the golden rule, even more important than rule number one. There are inexpensive clothes that don’t have the best quality and that will obviously wear down with time. However, the best way to delay that natural process is by taking good care of them. For instance, don’t wear and wash them right away (this doesn’t apply for underwear). Washing machines tend to deteriorate the fabrics and wash out the colors. If they have a stain, clean it directly. Also, before wearing them, try steaming or ironing them so they look perfect and clean (again steaming is way better because you’re not applying direct heat to the fabric). Summarizing, always make sure your clothes look as if they had just been taken out of the store.


Pay attention to every single detail of your look

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Your outfit doesn’t only depend on what you are wearing, so if you’re looking for a more sophisticated, high-end look, you must pay attention to your whole image. This not only involves the cleanliness of your pieces, but it has more to do with your personal image, meaning makeup, hair, and the way your skin looks. Sometimes makeup isn’t really necessary if you want to go for a clean face. Just be sure it’s properly hydrated. The same with your hair. You want to look fresh, not as if you had just gotten out of bed.


Cotton isn’t everything

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I know that the classic jeans and tee outfit is great and most of the basic pieces they sell at fast fashion stores are made of this material, but you can try other similar styles with different fabrics. If you love wearing jeans, try adding a silk-like blouse to upgrade your outfit. There’s a huge variety of fabrics that are also affordable and that can look quite nice if they’re combined properly.


Alter or avoid anything that cheapens the outfit

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Now, taking into account the previous point, it’s quite common that in many stores you'll find a cute piece with a nice fabric and cut that seems to be made just for you. But then you take a closer look and realize there's something hideous ruining it. Now, don't panic. If it's the right price and the only thing you dislike is the attached embellishments, there might be a solution. For example, if you don't like the buttons, you can change them for something less kitschy and more sophisticated. The same with embroidered images, which you can detach with a very sharp pair of scissors. But if these are pieces you can't alter, like plastic faux jewelry that's attached to clothes, better look for something else.


Be smart with the use of accessories

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This is linked with what we just said. I’m not saying you have to spend all your monthly income on a piece of jewelry. There are actually very nice fantasy jewels that can upgrade your look. The thing is to be cautious and smart about what you use to accessorize. You can also opt for nice scarves or pashminas if you’re not so sure about the quality of some jewelry, or even go for a more minimalistic style by just selecting a statement purse. There are many options you can play with, just pay attention to details.



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