10 Looks You Didn’t Think Guys Found Hot
How About

10 Looks You Didn’t Think Guys Found Hot

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By: Diego Cera

January 20, 2017

How About 10 Looks You Didn’t Think Guys Found Hot
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By: Diego Cera

January 20, 2017

Sometimes searching for the perfect outfit can become a frustrating task, particularly when the outfit is meant to seduce the opposite sex. One of the basic tenements of fashion is to go with something that’s comfortable and that makes you feel good.

That being said, we’ve all worn something uncomfortable and ridiculous because we thought our crush would notice us. Sometimes trying too hard and overproducing our appearance can be detrimental to our intent. Balance is the best choice. Finding something we’re comfortable with also helps us look our best.

The editors at WhoWhatWear did a survey to a group of both men and women, asking what items favored the female body the best. You’ll be surprised to find that none has a direct or obvious relationship to high heels.


In solid or print, this item transmits confidence and not taking life too seriously. They’re super comfy to wear with any pair of pants or jeans. The winning outfit seems to be: sweatshirt + jeans + flats.

seductive look sweatshirt

High waisted jeans

Nothing helps accentuate your figure like these jeans or trousers that hit at the waist. Whether they’re skinny, boot cut, or loose fitting, they’ll make you look great.

unexpected seductive style high waisted jeans

Oversized sweaters

These loose fitting cardigans work because they give the wearer a relaxed air. They make you look like someone cool to have a chat with.

seductive look oversized sweaters


These might be the most formal piece from the list but they’re still comfy. They’ll give your outfit a formal touch when combined with a contrasting shirt. Wear them with heels or flats, just keep it balanced.

seductive look pantsuit

Wide brim hats

Who isn’t attracted to someone who looks adventurous and bold? Nailing this first impression is simple. All you need is to add these to your outfits. They go with almost everything and give you a retro touch.

seductive look wide brim hats

Sweat pants

You need to be careful when adding this item to your look, because we’re not talking about any pair of gym pants. First off, the baggy kind you’d wear to P.E. are out of the question. There are particular cuts and styles that can accentuate your assets. Look for those that match you.

seductive look sweatpants


Not just the pants. Any item made from spandex can give you a sensual yet relaxed style.

seductive look activewear

Rock tees

There’s little that attracts a dude more than to share taste in music, films, etc. One way to show that off is through clothing. Wear these with denim and slip-ons. You can add a leather or jean jacket to top it off.

seductive look band tees


Wear these loose-fitting outfits to compliment your chill style. Add a thin belt to show off your figure.

seductive look jumpsuit

Boyfriend shirts

The sexy aspect of this item does not come from the shape it provides. Instead, it’s from the mystery awakened through the little glimpses of skin that peek through the buttons.

unexpected seductive style boyfriend shirt

This list barely starts to give a few ideas for clothing that attracts looks while keeping a sense of not trying to hard.


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Translated by María Suárez