Vintage Essentials Every Guy Must Have In His Closet
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Vintage Essentials Every Guy Must Have In His Closet

How About Vintage Essentials Every Guy Must Have In His Closet

Is it just me or men wearing classic vintage clothes just look extremely elegant and awesome? I mean, there's great stuff in today’s fashion for men. But still, there's something about the fashion of past decades that's extremely interesting and makes them look intriguing and sophisticated, no matter the period they choose to incorporate in their outfit. So, if you feel like you were born in the wrong age, or that your spirit is timeless, here are some essentials you must have to embrace that vintage look and bring it to our time.

To start with, you must decide what period you want to embrace in your looks, so if you’re going for the classic dandy style, there are some specific pieces you must get in contrast with, let's say, the fifties or sixties rock fashion. 


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This is for the classic elegant look. The most popular hats during the first half of the twentieth century were the fedora and the homburg. With the hipster craze, hats and many vintage pieces became extremely popular, so many stores started producing and selling low price hats. However, if you want to really embrace this trend, getting a good hat will definitely upgrade your look. There are still many stores manufacturing these classic hats, or you can always visit one of those amazing vintage stores to get an authentic one. Whatever you choose, these hats will definitely add that elegant, interesting, and timeless vibe to your outfit.



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Suits have evolved fast with the passing of time. In the past, many men wore suits on a daily basis, thus there were several trends around this piece. The thing with suits is that, in order to look dapper and sophisticated, they must fit you perfectly, so if you want to get one from a vintage store, you must make sure that it is well preserved and that the fabric is strong enough to be altered and modified. You don’t really need to get the whole suit. As long a you find a nice coat and vest, you can combine them with your regular clothes. There are patterns that are no longer made, so you can try looking for some of those.



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Although this isn’t really an essential piece, vintage trench coats are great for cold weather and will add a mysterious kind of detective vibe to your looks. Unlike many things that are manufactured nowadays, these pieces were made with very strong materials that last for a while, so it's possible that you'll find one of these in perfect condition. 



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Well, nothing shouts vintage more than a pair of suspenders. Just picture it: some nice pants, a cool shirt, and contrasting suspenders are a great combination to embrace those cool classic looks. Again, the trick here is the fit. You don’t want to look like Sponge Bob, so make sure that your suspenders, as well as the rest of your clothes, fit you like a glove. To convey that elegant classic vibe, also think in contrasts and combine this accessory with the rest of your outfit as you would with a belt.



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The same as with suspenders, bowties can be great accessories for your vintage looks, but you have to know how to combine them to make the most of them. If you’re not so sure about these, try getting one that’s not too bright or showy. As I mentioned before in the case of hats, suspenders and bow ties also became quite popular in recent years, and for that reason, it’s easy to get one in your regular store. However, getting a vintage one will make your look more unique.



The pieces we mentioned are, of course, focused on a more classic style. However, that doesn’t mean this is the only vintage style you can adopt. For more ideas take a look at these:

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