11 Essentials To Make The Most Of Your Beautiful Curves

wardrobe essentials for curvy women

For so many years, curvy women have been told to wear horrible, loose clothes, but that's BS. Actually, what we want is to show off our awesome curves. Learn how to do it with these essential pieces.

As a curvy woman, I’ve heard so many rules about what I can and cannot wear according to my body type. But I'm pretty stubborn, so I just roll my eyes every time I read or listen to someone claiming to have the last word about what curvy girls are allowed to wear. Actually, while doing some research for this article, I found an article that claimed to have the ultimate list of clothes we should wear, and, to be honest, it was pure garbage. You probably know what I'm talking about: long, loose tunics or robes, and hideous black pants. 

It couldn’t be more wrong or outdated. In fact, curvy or not, we can actually wear whatever we want. As long as we understand and embrace every part of our body, we can create great outfits and wear all the new trends that are coming out. However, there's no denying that some pieces and cuts are more flattering than others, and for that reason, it’s important to have these essential items in our wardrobe:


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Cardigans are timeless and classic because they’re the perfect piece to round up your look. Some good jeans, a nice top, and a fancy cardigan can be a winning outfit any day of the week. They come in every color and shape imaginable, so you can play with many looks to give movement to your body. 



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Yes, loose blouses can be very flattering, especially if you want to conceal certain bumps and rolls. However, that doesn’t mean these are the only options we have. With certain looks, a tighter blouse can make us look a bit slimmer than a loose one. Make sure you have at least one tank top, a cotton tee, and a nice blouse. 


Bodycon dresses

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Unlike what many people think, this is one of the most flattering pieces to highlight our awesome curves. The idea of the bodycon is that it's really tight on your body. Generally, they're made with thick, stretchy fabrics that actually help shape and conceal all those parts we’re sometimes not that comfortable with. Make sure you find one with a cut that shows off your hourglass figure with patterns, embellishments, or even belts. 



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We have to look fabulous at all times, so we need to have a nice coat for cold weather. The ones that highlight our curves the best are those with a cinched waist. Think about trench coats with belts or coats with an A-line. These go with practically everything and will give your winter look a fashionable and stylish vibe.


Button-down shirts

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I hated these so much when I was younger, but I’ve recently discovered how great and stylish these can be. There's no need to get one of those boring uniform/business shirts. You can go with the trend of the denim or flannel shirts for many of your outfits. You can use it as an unbuttoned jacket or transform your dresses into a nice shirt-and-skirt outfit. 


Statement jacket

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This is another basic you need in your wardrobe. Like cardigans, these add an extra cool factor to any outfit. Here it's a matter of personal taste: you can get a denim, biker, leather, or bomber jacket and make it your own personal staple. 


Special occasion dresses

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Just like bodycon dresses can be your everyday go-to, you’ll also need a dress for special occasions. Try finding one you can adapt and transform with accessories, so you can wear it more than once. But most importantly, focus on the shape. As you might have seen, the A-line cut is going to be our best ally. With this shape in mind, you can get anything you like: cocktail, maxi, shift, the choice is yours. 



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Unlike that stupid webpage that claimed we can only wear dark pants because they conceal our thighs, let me tell you that we can wear any kind of pants we like. Yes, pants with a wide leg can be extremely flattering since they elongate the leg, but really, any kind that fits you properly can look great.



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We must have at least one skirt in our wardrobe, not only because they are really pretty, but mainly because of their versatility to adapt and create a huge variety of looks and styles with them. Again, our favorite A-line is the most advisable one to create a nice hourglass shape, but actually, anything that makes you feel comfortable will do the job.


Pencil skirts

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Besides the skirt we were just talking about, you’ll need a pencil skirt. This is the one essential piece you’ll need in your wardrobe to create a sexy and daring look. Actually, like bodycon dresses, this is one of the most flattering pieces for curvy shapes, so, if you don’t have one, go get one right now. You won’t regret it.



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Last but not least, and probably my favorite, bodysuits. Right now, these are super trendy, so there are so many styles and shapes you can choose from. These go great with any outfit because they're comfortable, but they also help you shape your silhouette. Wear them with jeans or a skirt, and you’ll have a winning outfit for sure.



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María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

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