6 Tips To Have A Smart Closet That Saves You Space And Money

After asking yourself these six questions about eight essential items in your wardrobe, you’ll have a smarter closet, a happier wallet, and much, much more space.

Many people can get extremely sensitive whenever we talk about shopping and dressing smart. It’s almost like the people who get offended think we only support certain financial and economic practices and like to say to people: “You! Yes, you who are always spending all your money and have no idea how to shop properly, burn in the flames of ignorance!”

But no. The point of having a smart closet is to achieve the perfect balance between the fashion and style that you like, the pieces you can actually afford to buy, and the opportunity to go crazy shopping from your favorite designers or at your favorite stores. A little bit of everything.

Because yes, we do need to do the math and think things through when it comes to fashion, but it’s also necessary to live a little and have some fun and get creative with our clothes. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be so boring?

The main thing here is that, every time you find yourself about to buy a new piece of clothing, you ask yourself the following questions - in this exact same order - before you make a decision.

Is the quality high enough that it’ll last me one or two years at least?

Was this piece manufactured as carefully as possible?

Will I wear it more than three times this season?

Is this piece me and does it go with my personality?

Is it a statement piece that won’t need anything else to speak for itself?

Is this buy a good idea for my short-term financial stability?

Now, keeping these questions in mind, make sure that you have the following items in your closet, and that you can answer yes to each of the previous questions for all of them. Also, that you have a solid justification for buying each piece. Because it’s not just about the money: you also need to make sure that the clothes you have make you feel comfortable, strong, confident, loved, powerful, and emotional. Other important factors are if someone gave it to you as a gift, if it’s part of your “power look” for bad days, or if it brings back memories from a special moment in your life. So, here are the pieces you need to have in your wardrobe:

A blazer

A formal shirt you can wear with jeans

A basic t-shirt

A skirt or pair of trousers


A coat that’ll make you feel like you’re in London

A classic sweater or jacket that goes with everything

A pair of shoes you feel your most confident in

An item so special that you love so much that you’ll want to wear every day

So, there you go. With these items, your wardrobe will be all set. These essential wardrobe pieces will provide a good foundation to start off from, with the key elements you’ll need to put together your outfits season after season. Remember, it’s not about having tons and tons of clothes, how long you can go without repeating an outfit, or how much you follow the latest trends. What matters is that everything you own suits your taste and your possibilities. Seek to strike a good balance between quality, design, and what you love to wear. You don’t need a bunch of clothes that’ll end up in the trash and will never show who you really are.


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Translated by Zoralis Pérez