30 Pics That Prove Your Block Heels Will Be More Comfy Than Your Flats

You love looking at heels but you hate wearing them? Block heels will become your salvation if youre into flats. Comfort and style all in one.

Marilyn Monroe once said, “I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot.”

Now, we’ll never really know who really invented them, but I disagree with her on the 'owing' part. Don't get me wrong, I love heels and I find most of them beautiful and flattering; the thing is I can’t wear them. I don’t know if it's because I wasn’t allowed to use them until my teen days, and perhaps it was too late, or because I’m simply not destined to rock them. The thing is, I can’t really walk with them; I look like a newborn deer learning how to walk, and if I find a comfy pair I can only wear them for a couple of hours before my feet fall off.

I know this struggle is real and shared by many, so I made it my mission to look for an alternative that works for all styles and looks. So, I present, the block heel.

Sneakers and flats are always an option if you're looking for comfort, but for the latter I personally realized that they were ruining my back by constantly wearing them. I’m going to sound like an old lady, but I’ve been having back issues the past few years, and according to the orthopedist and chiropractor, I have to blame my trusty sneakers. So, what happens to people like me, who can’t wear heels and flat sole shoes hurt my back and posture? I think it is about finding a common ground between these two and block heels are an option.

Did you know that there's historical evidence that shows heels existed during Ancient Egypt? They were worn by butchers who didn't want to get their feet dirty with the blood of animals. During that time the nobility wore sandals because they could afford to have their feet cleaned. Shoes have always been a status symbol in society. It was millennia later that heels began to be worn by both men and women and our bodies became used to wearing this footwear.

If block heels were good enough for Coco Chanel, I bet they're look amazing with your outfit as well. If your block heels are at around two inches these can really support your body and improve your posture, something your ballet pumps will never be able to give.

The best shoes are those that support you and give you stability. Five inch stilettos, though gorgeous, are best left to the back of your closet. If you take a look at fashion history book you'll see that the winner throughout the centuries have been block heels. Given their structure you don't have to learn how to balance your weight on your toe and what's better is that they come in so many styles and shapes so it's easy to match them with different outfits. These shoes are just an option, just go for the one that makes your heart flutter.


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