Yes, There Are Ways To Wear Headbands And Not Look Like Blair Waldorf

You can wear headbands without being reminded of a character from Gossip Girl.

When we think of headbands, our mind betrays us and creates a picture of Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf. Even if you don’t know her, I’m pretty sure a similar image of this character comes to your mind: the classic preppy girl wearing a light colored Polo shirt with sweater tied around her neck, plain skirt or white jeans, and a pair of flats that match the Polo. You got the idea, right? Well, as you can recall, this kind of outfit commonly includes a headband that may be used in a bright color to enhance the girl’s natural features. But everyone is entitled to dress as they want to. The real issue to address is the fact that headbands seem to be an exclusive item for preppy girls. And honestly, that’s a little unfair. This particular hair accessory can be used in a lot of different scenarios, and it can perfectly match multiple wardrobes in a very unique way.

Even if you aren’t too much into hair adornments, a headband can be pretty useful. It can improve your style and help fix your look in those awful "bad hair" days. So if you're looking for that one thing that's missing to complete your outfit, search no more! Here are some ideas that may inspire you:

If you want to add just a subtle item, thin headbands are the way to go. Since they are very discrete, you can use them with basically anything. Black and gold ones are ideal for more elegant outfits. Some of them may include leaves or little ribbons. Even though they might look preppy, their decorations are so delicate they won't stand out too much. Thin headbands can also be used with elaborated hairstyles to keep shorter hairs away from your face.

If you don’t have the longest hair, don’t worry; headbands are the thing you were looking for! Since short haircuts don’t allow to do much with your look, items become your best friends. And now that these accessories are so trendy, you can basically find them anywhere. Curly or straight, both types of hair look amazing with a hairband.

By the way, let's not forget about knots. Knots are the most fashionable trend in the headband section. You can adjust them to your head, so they automatically become the most comfortable item. They can be used for those Sunday breaks or for the last minute coffee time with your friends. If you look for prints and patterns, make sure not to use shirts and pants that have prints too. Fortunately, there are hundreds of headband designs you can choose from.

For more stylish outfits, flowers always do the trick. They can be as big or as small as you want. Flower headbands will give you a more sophisticated and dreamy look. Although this particular type of headbands became trendy among music festival goers (thank you, Lana del Rey!), they don’t necessarily have to be used in this context. As a matter of fact, flowery headbands are ideal to match with casual dresses, no matter if they're long or short.

If you’re the kind of girl that, far from being chic, is more of a flower child, you can also use headbands in a very cool way. Bohemian styles go perfectly with headbands (and basically anything you want to put in your head, but let’s stick to bands for now). For those Coachella looks, headbands are the way to go. You don’t even have to match them with your outfit. Boho prints usually welcome all types of combinations. However, if you want to mix and match, you can go for blues and browns.

Winter is coming, and winter outfits too. If you don’t want to freeze yourself to death but also want to look stylish, headbands are here to save the day. The best thing about this kind of accessory is that you can find it in any width that suits you best. For cold weather, knitted items are the coziest. Plus, they come in lots of colors, and some of them even include kitty ears!


As you can see, headbands are actually a very useful accessory. The best thing about them is that they don’t need to be matched with a Polo shirt and preppy sweaters. If you feel rocker, hipster, or even cold, headbands can always do the trick. Will you try any of these styles soon?

Photo Credits: Sophia Beirut

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