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6 Ways To Upgrade Your Looks With Statement Socks During The Fall

26 de septiembre de 2018

María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

I used to believe that socks and leg warmers were only for old people. Yet, fashion trends today proved otherwise and here's how you can wear statements socks to upgrade your Fall-Winter outfits.

I’m a person who can’t stand cold weather. I just can’t. My bones ache and I get sick so easily. Besides, I find it quite hard to pick fashionable outfits that will keep me warm and comfortable. Layering has always been my go-to during these seasons, but most times, instead of looking cute and fashionable, I ended up resembling Joey from Friends when he wears all of Chandler’s clothes (which apparently, for some fashion designers, is fashionable today). Stylish layering can be so easy once you learn the basics, but to be honest, my secret weapon has always been playing with socks. Yes, you read right, socks can make the difference, a real game changer fashion-wise, if you learn how to play with the different lengths, textures, fabrics, and combinations. Here are the basics, and I promise you, it won’t be anything like Barbie’s outfit in Toy Story 3.

Boot Ornament

Fall and winter are the perfect seasons to dust off your favorite boots and wear them until the sun warms you once again. Ok, I’m exaggerating, but boots are definitely the go-to footwear during these seasons. So, a great way to give them versatility and to add a nice and fashionable touch to them is by adding socks to your outfit. Length is crucial when trying to achieve different looks. For example, you can wear socks right above the ankle to add length to your booties or wear socks that go up to the knee with stack booties to create the effect of a cuff. The trick is to achieve the perfect length, to match the right colors and to avoid at all costs the effect created when you wear medium length socks with military-like boots since this can make your legs look kind of weird.


Schoolgirl Style

The title says it all: very long socks (or a bit longer than the length of your shoe) combined with your favorite shoes (certain types of sneakers can look very modern and street fashion like). Paired with heels or flats, socks can give a very romantic look when combined with a skater skirt or a dress with a length above the knee. Play with colors and textures for a more intricate and interesting look.


Wear Them With Tights

Not only is this a great idea to endure the cold, but it’s also become a classic and timeless look if you play with the right colors, fabrics, and clothes. Besides, this is also a great option to rock some of your favorite summer and spring clothes without freezing to death.


Boot Continuation

We’re going to cheat a little bit for this particular look. Instead of going with regular socks, you’ll need a pair of leg warmers or stockings for this look. To be more specific, you'll need a pair that matches the color and texture of your booties. This is more of a hack to transform your booties into trendy knee-high boots. Also, this combination gives an interesting shape to your legs and brings a unique texture to your overall look.


Go Bold With Colors

In the last few years, socks have become much more than just feet protection items. There are so many brands that focus on creating original and colorful socks that contrast with your outfit. If you’re not very sure about this trend of contrasting socks, I recommend playing first with easy color combinations or going for a black and white minimalistic outfit in which your socks would be the only hint of color. The more you play, the more confident you’ll feel creating bold and daring looks.


Alternative fabrics

Last but not least, mixing fabrics and patterns is one of the most stylish ways to create fashionable looks with today’s trends. You don’t have to go crazy trying to achieve this look anymore since there is an infinite amount of choices for socks. Nowadays, many brands offer socks that are made with alternative fabrics and designs. My ultimate favorites are sheer socks that bring an ethereal and romantic vibe to any look. But these aren’t the only ones: you can find suede, leather, and even plastic socks to create really modern combinations.


When it comes to creating our outfits, we tend to pay more attention to big pieces like our tops, dresses, skirts, or pants, than to the little details. I strongly believe that the challenging and determining side of styling lies on the small things. Now, when it comes to fall and winter fashion, socks can be a great accessory to upgrade any look during winter time and can truly become the center of attention for a trendy and fashionable look. Just try it and see!


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María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

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