Thigh High Boots 101 And How To Adapt Them Into Any Style

Julia Roberts rocked them in the 90s, and now theyve become celebrities and fashionistas favorite trend. Take a look at how to wear high boots and adopt the latest season trend.

If you haven’t noticed yet, due to the strange weather we’ve been experiencing, winter is already here. However, the fashion trends have known this for months in advance. Then, this season is all going to be about showing off our unique and extravagant coats, wearing summer clothes with stockings, and in case you missed the title of the article, thigh high boots, also known as over-the-knee boots. Basically, these were the protagonists, or at least common denominator, in all the fall and winter runways, and to be honest I’m kind of dying to wear them.

Now, it’s true that for quite a long time these boots were seen as tacky and cheap. This is probably the main reason why I’ve been seeing a lot of doubt in some fashion blogs or whenever a celebrity posts a picture wearing them, and for that reason perhaps the only thing I can say is, damn you, Julia Roberts. Since the release of her famous movie, her look became such an icon of pop culture that all my life I’ve heard people referring to these boots as “the Pretty Woman boots.” But even when they became widely popular after the movie was released, they were still not considered as fashionable as many other pieces out there. Of course, this has changed, and even when they’re considered a challenging footwear, there are many ways to make the most of them with basically any type of clothes.

Because they're such an outstanding part of your outfit, you must place them as your main piece. To do so, there are some guidelines you must follow to make the most of them. Having said that, the number one thing you must take into account when combining these boots with skirts, shorts, or dresses is that the amount of skin showing from the top of the boots to the hemline mustn’t be more than five inches. No, it’s not a matter of being conservative, it’s more of a means to achieve a balanced look. These boots tend to elongate your legs, so if you show off more skin, it might make your legs look ridiculously long, not like a supermodel, but like those parade stilt walkers.

Another thing to bear in mind is the fit of these boots, especially if you just want to get a pair of them to experiment. There are some made with latex that are super tight, and although they look great, they're meant to be worn by bold people. Still, it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear them; generally, these come in bright colors that, combined with neutrals or even other vibrant tonalities, can create a very fashionable contrast. If you want to go for something simpler, try those made with suede. These aren’t as tight as the other ones, so they can be combine with other pieces like pants or leggings. No matter what type you choose, make sure they fit like a glove, neither too tight nor too loose.

Try to create contrast with the shapes and colors of your outfit. For instance, if you’re going for the classic black boots, try combining them with something lighter. One of my favorite combos with these boots is wearing them with denim jackets or vests, especially those with lighter hues. The contrast looks really good and gives you an urban-chic vibe. You can also match the color of your boots with your coat or a belt to make it more structured. Actually, there are many options, and the more creative you get, the trendier you'll look.

For so many years, fall and winter fashion were thought as dressing as the famous "basic girl." You know, some classic sheepskin boots, jeans, a sweater paired with a winter vest, and a scarf. Nowadays, although streets will still be filled with this look, fashion is giving us more options to survive this weather in a really fashionable and innovative way. And of course, thigh high boots are the protagonists of the show.


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