10 Outfits That Will Make You Look As If You Stepped Out Of A Wes Anderson Movie

Wes Anderson is probably one of the few film directors with a set aesthetic and visual style. All his movies have that characteristic essence that transports the spectator into a unique and timeless world with eccentric characters and bizarre stories. But what exactly makes Anderson’s filmography so appealing and special in visual terms? To start with, he’s proven to be a very meticulous creator with clearcut ideas about what he wants to portray in each frame. His interest in the whole process of filmmaking led him to take part-time jobs related to the production side of this industry, which clearly translates into his films and the unique world he fashions through them. In terms of the aesthetic side of his films, we could talk about the symmetry of his shots, the color palettes he creates and uses throughout the whole film, and of course, his retro yet modern essence. All these elements have consolidated him as one of the best auteurs in film history, and a beloved one by his multiple fans. So, wouldn’t you love to become one of his bizarre and fascinating characters or go out feeling that you belong to this particular world he has created? If you do, here are 10 outfits inspired by the endearing filmography of Wes Anderson.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2005)

If you, like Steve Zissou and want to dive into the depths of mystery, honoring his iconic look is one great way to do so. The best way to join the crew of the Belafonte and help the eccentric oceanographer Zissou get his revenge is by mimicking his characteristic red knitted beanie. Now, those in his crew wear uniforms for the expedition, but you can wear this on a daily basis by choosing a blue blouse or even by following the all-denim trend.


Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

In this particular story of two pre-teens who fall in love and have to face so many obstacles to be together, Anderson presents one of his most emblematic visual works. If you want to embrace the essence of these two solitary and extremely intelligent and mature kids, think first of the color palette. Naturally, their attires can be way too costumey, especially Sam’s scout uniform, but you can copy his style with a khaki dress or jumpsuit and accessorize it with a nice yellow bandana. Now, if you’re more into Suzy’s romantic and classic sixties style, you can get a pink dress with a white Peter Pan collar if you want to look exactly like her, or adapt it with a pastel ensemble of skirt and blouse with the famous collar. It’s up to you!

The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)

Imagine what would it be like to be part of a dysfunctional family where a father has to say he's dying to spend some time with his children. Not so nice, right? However, Wes Anderson managed to take this dark theme and turn it into a whimsical comedy. This softness and whimsy you can recreate with fashion. What about becoming the finance genius Cash, with his all-red coordinated tracksuit (athleisure at its fullest), or the smart playwright and stylish Margo, with her beautiful coat and perfect bob haircut?


The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

In his latest film, Anderson takes us to the snowy mountains of the Republic of Zubrowka and to the golden age of the Grand Budapest Hotel, in the care of Monsieur Gustave H. Through a prism of contrasting colors, we witness the amazing adventures of Zero, a young lobby boy, who while helping his boss M. Gustave, falls in love with his beloved Agatha. To recreate their bizarre love story you can either wear an all purple suit to resemble young Zero or go for softer colors to embrace Agatha’s style. Don’t forget the nice braided hair!

Hotel Chevalier (2007)

Finally, we arrive at this 13-minute short film written and directed by Anderson as well. It’s the story of a dysfunctional couple in which the woman arrives at a hotel in Paris looking for her partner who has been hiding from her. This highly praised short film follows Anderson's unique use of colors, being yellow the one that dominates the setting and the mood of the story.


Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

In his first animated film, Anderson introduces us to Fox and Felicity, a married couple with a son. If you love Mr. Fox’s character, you can honor his intrepid, sneaky, and genius style by wearing a brown suit with a cotton shirt and a tie. If you don’t want to look too costume-like, you can wear cropped pants and a nice white blouse. Now, if you prefer the vintage style of Felicity, you can always honor her kind spirit with a nice yellow floral dress. Remember that collars will give you that retro touch that’s so recurrent in Wes Anderson’s films.

Many directors succeed in their crafts, but only a few can be considered true auteurs and outstanding filmmakers. With less than 15 films, Wes Anderson has achieved that recognition and a special place in film history.


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