Zendaya has been inspired by 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' villains for her outfits

Zendaya has shown on several occasions her good sense of fashion and her knowledge of the history of the famous superhero.

Zendaya has become one of the most valued actresses in Hollywood and one of the best dressed on every red carpet and event in which she appears.

Recently, the young actress appeared at the premiere of the long-awaited Marvel film in a sensual and striking nude color dress very ad hoc to the situation, as it had embroidery that appeared to be a cobweb, a gorgeous Valentino design that she matched with a mysterious black mesh mask.


The truth is that this was not the first time that Zendaya made reference to 'Spider-Man'. She has also knew how to include in the details of her outfit that refer to the superhero arachnid, played by Tom Holland, her boyfriend in real life.

Zendaya as 'Sandman' 

During one of the interviews that Zendaya gave with Tom Holland and Jacob Batalon, she wore a sand-colored dress with mesh top and sleeves, with which it was impossible not to think of one of Spider-Man's enemies, yes, it was It's about 'Sandman'.


Zendaya as 'Doctor Octopus'

During the last Ballon d'Or award, Zendaya dazzled with a peculiar and impressive vintage Roberto Cavalli dress, belonging to the Autumn / Winter 2000-2002 collection, which was modified by the current creative director of the brand Fausto Puglisi. What was surprising about the dress was the golden piece that referred to the arms of Doctor Octopus.

Zendaya as 'Electro'

During another of the promotional interviews for "Spider-Man: No Way Home", Zendaya wore a sparkly sweater that was impossible not to refer to 'Electro', played by Jamie Foxx.


Zendaya as 'The Green Goblin'

Clearly, Zendaya had to refer to one of Spider-Man's most famous villains, "The Green Goblin." And she did it in the most elegant way by opting for a neat green suit that she paired perfectly with a purple shirt.

Zendaya in reference to Peter Parker's black suit

Without a doubt, Zendaya's most successful look in reference to 'Spider-man', which we were able to witness recently during the premiere of 'Spider-Man: No Way Home'; a Valentino in nude color full of a peculiar embroidery that looked like cobwebs coupled with a mysterious mask that reminded us of Peter Parker's black suit.


Zendaya as 'Venom'

During one of the promotional events for 'Spider-Man: No Way Home', Zendaya opted for a peculiar Alexander McQueen look, consisting of an oversized jacket with crystal applications and over-the-knee boots with more crystals. That wasn't all,  she completed the outfit with a pair of cobweb earrings from Jacob & Co. Which had to be in honor of 'Venom', of course.

Zendaya as 'Lizard'

In another of the events of 'Spider-Man: No Way Home', Zendaya monopolized the spotlight in a green Balmain dress, which undoubtedly referenced 'Lizard', or at least it was for fans of ' Spider-Man '.


Coincidence or promotion? We certainly do not know, but is important to highlight that Zendaya and his head stylist, Law Roach, know how to surprise each of the appearances of the actress of the moment, steal all eyes and also have the perfect references for the occasion.

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