The Celestial Meaning Behind Beyoncé' s First Instagram Pic Of Her Twins

Viernes, 14 de julio de 2017 9:07

|Gabriel Gallardo

A few months ago, Beyoncé and Jay-Z broke Instagram’s likes record with their pregnancy announcement —a photograph that reached 11 million likes, shot by artist Awol Erizku—, and they might do it yet again, for last night they unveiled the first picture of their month-old twins, Sir Carter and Rumi, currently sitting at 7.5 million likes.



The photograph shows Queen Bey carrying both her babies, a blue veil covering her shoulders, while a huge flower arrangement envelops her, a colorful outline that acts like the singer’s aura. The lush flowers and the sumptuous fabrics surrounding her transform Beyoncé into a Botticelli muse, a singer who has stepped into the shoes of a celestial figure. She is the wife of one of the most celebrated and iconic figures in the music industry, and it's no wonder that she takes a step in that same direction. Her public persona and name are perfectly crafted, and no one can tamper with her image. She has complete control on how she is viewed in the public domain.

This new image that celebrates the birth of her two children continues to employ the same motifs seen in the pregnancy shoot she released last February. As we gape at her Instagram feed, we do make the connection with the great Renaissance artists and their influence in how she portrays herself. But perhaps there is another, more subtle homage Beyoncé is paying in her new release. It has been considered that this highly intricate image alludes to one of the most iconic religious Latin American figures, the Virgin of Guadalupe. A figure that is adored across the world and is rich with symbolism, the Virgin of Guadalupe is portrayed as the ultimate mother, the ultimate protector whose starry blue shroud covers her devote children. Some would honestly turn up their noses at this connection and say it is highly inappropriate, but is it really? I believe Renaissance artists and those that crafted these religious motifs were aware that they had to create iconic images that would become ingrained in the collective minds of the masses. To what extent is Beyoncé doing the same thing? Isn't she painstakingly crafting her own image so it can remembered in our society, a culture that, let's face it, consumes and lives in a fast pace world? The fact is, by using these ancient motifs, she is stamping her face and that of her children in the hindbrain of humanity's history.



Beyoncé half-hooded gaze is strong, reminding us of her role as the feminist icon who launched Lemonade last year to critical acclaim and massive sales around the world. It’s a beautiful photograph that celebrates her femininity, maternity, and the arrival of the two newest members of the Carter family. The post simply states: “Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month old today,” followed by a series of emojis to represent Jay-Z, herself, Blue Ivy, and the twins.





You can see the Instagram post here.


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Gabriel Gallardo

Gabriel Gallardo