Books You Must Read If You Dream Of A Serious Relationship

April 21, 2017

|Alejandro Arroyo Cano

One of the greatest virtues of literature is that it encompasses a vast range of topics. You can always find a book that will become your companion, no matter the situation you're going through or if you're happy, sad, in crisis, or in love. Regarding today's subject matter, love has always been a special topic present in almost all disciplines in life. 

In the book The Art of Loving (1956)philosopher Erich Fromm states that love is also an art because it requires knowledge and effort. One of the most relevant points he explains deals with the waning of passion in a relationship. According to him, passion is lost when people's logic is swept away by the material ideology of modern society, making them focus on goods and material possessions.
Love will endure if people learn to separate it from this shallow and materialist logic. This means to value the positive emotions and spiritual fulfillment we get from our partner. Here is where literature steps in. Many stories teach lessons on the most important aspects of love, emotions, and relationships. If literature didn't exist, then perhaps we would've never been able to define and give meaning to love with the breadth and depth we do today. 

We have made a list of books that will help you understand relationships better and make you learn valuable lessons about their worth. Before you start, just remember, literature doesn't provide definite answers, only possibilities. Its purpose is to make you analyze life carefully so you can make your own conclusions. 

The Truce (1960) by Mario Benedetti

The story of this book follows the life of a widower called Martin, who has grown apart from his children and considers his life colorless and without emotion. One day, he falls in love with a young employee called Laura. At her side, Martin learns once again how to appreciate the simple things in life and be truly happy. However, just like everything in life, their relationship is not perfect. What other lessons will they have to learn when their love is put to the test?

Mist (1914) by Miguel de Unamuno

This is the love story of two characters that belong to different realities. Augusto, the main character, is sick of being away from his beloved, so he decides to find the author of his story and communicate his wants and desires. He wants to live another life in another fiction, where he can be with his love. Faced with this situation, the author jumps into the story and begins to question his characters on life, death, and love. 

The Unbearable Lightness of Being  (1984) by Milan Kundera

Since its release in 1984, this novel has continued to make a profound impact on the minds of its readers with its reflections about life, love, and friendship. Milan Kundera's style was permanently marked by the wars, and the time of repression and revolts in the Czech Republic. In this novel he intertwines a heartfelt love story with the calamities caused by war. The main character, Thomas, is an accomplished and libertine surgeon. He spends his life jumping from affair to affair. One day he meets a woman called Tereza, who had a hard life, and as a result, developed an insecure and submissive personality. Without noticing, Thomas falls in love with Tereza. He wants to be by her side, but he is also torn between his love and his life as a womanizer. Will love transcend or the couple's efforts will be for naught?

The Seducer's Diary (1884) by  Sören Kierkegaard

Danish philosopher Sören Kierkegaard (1813-1855) was one of the m
ost important precursors of existentialism. The Seducer's Diary tells the story of a refined and well-read gentleman who falls in love with a very young and beautiful woman. He is determined to do whatever it takes to seduce her. Through many monologues and reflections, the novel criticizes men's lustful desires and ponders about the truthfulness  of love.


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Translated by Andrea Valle Gracia
Alejandro Arroyo Cano

Alejandro Arroyo Cano