10 French Songs That Are More Stimulating Than A Kiss

May 18, 2017


French music will always force you to close your eyes and move slowly. You can feel it on your tongue, like melting chocolate or a passionate kiss that makes us weak in the knees. An exceptionally beautiful voice feels like a whisper that awakens our senses. We make music our own, we embody it, feel it, and express it through movements or love.

Listening to French music takes us to that romantic vintage setting of Parisian lifestyle. We live it. It provides us with scents and emotions. For a tiny moment, we live in a dream and become a character filled with sensuality, passion, and confidence that dances to the rhythm of the beats.

We've made a careful compilation of 10 songs that will help set the mood for your perfect night.

Es tu prêt?

"L’excessive" – Carla Bruni


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Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards