A Short Guide To Braless Outfits

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Going braless is often seen as a political statement, either inspired in the bra-burning feminists of the Women's Liberation Union in the sixties or  Free the Nipple activists. It's true that society has shaped the idea of how women's breasts should look, so going braless can be a way to defy the norm. But more than anything else, the decision to wear a bra is a matter of comfort. For many women, wearing a bra comes with excruciating torture due to its straps, underwires, and hooks. Taking it off your after a long day does feel liberating.

Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon, from Besançon's University Hospital in France, has been studying women's breasts for several years. According to his research, bra wearers are on average 7 mm more saggy than bra-free breasts! So if you dump your bra for a year, you would see significant difference in the shape of your breasts –although this doesn't necessarily work for middle aged or older women.

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 Going braless is not a new trend on the runway. Yet it seems to be transitioning into street and casual looks. It's not uncommon to see celebrities like Jane Birkin, Angelina Jolie, Kate Moss, Jennifer Aniston, and Gigi Hadid wearing braless outfits on the street or at red carpet events. They show a wide variety of clothes that don't need a bra to look incredible, especially on small breasts. Maybe that's the next step we need to take, to learn to embrace our bodies as they are.

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Of course, not wearing bra also has its downsides. Most having to do with people staring at your nipples while you're walking on the street, not feeling support like you're used to, or feeling self-conscious. But we must be aware of something: if women have been wearing bras all their lives, it's because every woman they know does, not really to prevent breasts from drooping. There are no perfect breasts, so it should be okay to show them, just like Kendall Jenner says in her post on the Free The Nipple site: "I really don't see what the big deal is with going braless. I think it's cool, and I really just don't care! It's sexy, it's comfortable, and I'm cool with my breasts. That's it!"

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going braless jenner

If you have decided to give braless outfits a try, there are many things you can do to feel more comfortable. You can place paper or cloth pasties under your clothes to cover your nipples. If you want something even more discreet for thinner fabrics, you can try placing silicone pasties that come in different shades of skin colors. You can also use halter tops and dresses you can tie yourself, so you can decide the level of support you need. Clothes with under-bust support, like empire dresses, are also good alternatives.

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Just remember: the most important part of following this trend is not your choice of clothing and accessories. It's you and your self-confidence. First of all, you must feel comfortable with your body and with who you are. That's the only way you'll feel true freedom. You won't care what the world thinks about you in a plain white t-shirt, a pronounced cleavage, a crop top, pierced nipples, or a man's shirt. Breast are just another part of you, so there's no reason to hide or be ashamed of them. 

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Not everyone has to follow this trend. If you are more voluptuous and feel more comfortable with the support a bra provides, there's no reason for you to change your style. In case you've decided that this is not for you, you can always check out what's Your Ideal Bra According To Your Body Type.

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Translated by Andrea Valle Gracia