The Perfect Movie Songs To Dedicate To That Special Person

April 28, 2017

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What is a better depiction of love but a movie with a happy ending? A stable love depends on the foundations of a relationship. When there's no mutual admiration, or the couple doesn't share the same vision of life and values, it can become an ephemeral emotion. There's nothing like living an intense love with respect and the possibility of sharing a future together. However, the only way to achieve this is by falling in love with the other person's essence.

In most of the romantic stories we see in films, the desire of being with the other ends up creating that mutual admiration a couple needs to fulfill their love. For instance, in Say Anything, Loyd becomes a modern Romeo that has to sort out all the social obstacles to be with Diane. Filled with eternal optimism, and pushed by his rebellious soul, this character stands in front of his beloved's house and dedicates Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes.

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Romantic movies show us that no matter what stage of the relationship we are, we must always keep the love alive and create amazing moments. Whether they're planned or spontaneous. In any case, music can always detonate emotions into our minds and hearts.

If one song is capable of creating the perfect atmosphere for a movie, just think of what music can actually do in real life. To design the soundtrack of your love story, here are some songs from movies that you can dedicate to your partner.

"Perfect Day"
Lou Reed

Played in Trainspotting (1996)

In his own ways, Danny Boyle is a romantic. Trainspotting isn't a conventional story about love and life. However, Lou Reed's song playing in the middle of an overdose scene can be interpreted in so many ways. For many intense couples, "Perfect Day" describes the sensations one feels when we have the best day of our lives.

Dedicate it after a perfect date.

"Come Here"
Kate Bloom

Played in Before Sunrise (1995)

Two strangers meet on a train and fall in love. They have one night to meet, love, and say goodbye to each other. During their journey, Céline plays her favorite love song to tell him through music that romance can survive, no matter the distance.

Dedicate it when you start falling in love with someone.

"Sweet Disposition"
 The Temper Trap

Played in 500 Days of Summer (2009)

It's the story of a dream, joy, and an uncontrollable desire to be with that special person. 500 Days of Summer broke more than just Tom's heart. However, it also left us great scenes that describe the processes of romance. One great moment is when The Temper Trap song plays.

Dedicate it when you've finally found the person of your dreams.

"Sea of Love"
Cat Power

Played in Juno (2007)

There's nothing like the intense love we experiment during our teenage years. In Juno, we see the story of two kids who fall in love and become parents. While they're dealing with their problems, we can listen to the tender melody of Cat Power's song.

Dedicate it when you miss that person like crazy.

"Fade into You"
Mazzy Star

Played in Angus (1995)

High school can be a difficult time for a teenager, especially if he's a bit overweight. Angus tells the story of a boy who, besides dealing with unpopularity, has to overcome all his insecurities to conquer a girl he likes. In the cutest moment of the film, we can listen to "Fade into You," a song that can move us in so many ways.

Dedicate it when you've finally accepted that one of their hugs can make you feel at home.

"Escape (The Piña Colada song)"
Rupert Holmes 

Played in The Sweetest Thing (2002)

Rupert Holmes' song has been used in so many movies, but it's most memorable is for The Sweetest Thing. The movie tells the story of three friends that decide to put themselves into implausible and ridiculously funny situations. While they're pretending to engage in a homosexual encounter to provoke the crash of a trailer, we can listen to "Escape."

Dedicate it when you want to win someone's heart through laughter.

"Theses Arms of Mine"
Otis Redding

Played in The Boat That Rocked (2009)

Set in the sixties, The Boat That Rocked presents the most important songs of a generation that was in love with life. Otis Redding was the most romantic soul singer in the world. "These Arms of Mine" is a unique declaration of love that no one has been able to top.

Dedicate it after the first kiss.

"Like a Friend"

Played in Great Expectations (1998)

This movie has made us cry by witnessing the pains a person can endure while being attached to a love for all his life. The worst part is when that feeling is unrequited, and the person we love only sees us as a friend. That's what Pulp's song is about.

Dedicate it when that impossible love breaks your heart again.

Movies can be the best source of inspiration. The way they use music to convey something specific can inspire you to dedicate a song to that special person.


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Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards
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