The Man Who Had Sex With Different People As A Form Of Art

May 16, 2017

|Alejandro López

“First sentence that comes to my mind is: I AM SORRY. I want to say this sentence to the people that I met, to myself, and to everyone I might've hurt.”

Mischa Badasyan save the date sex performance calendar-w636-h600

Mischa Badasyan created a controversial performance: he decided to have sex with a different man each day for one whole year. He wanted to prove the shallowness of modern society, how it consumes feelings, and, in an attempt to experience intense emotions, how modernity ends up creating emotionless human beings.

Save the Date was inspired by all those people who use casual sex as an escape from reality, loneliness, and frustration. The desire, the will to experiment, and the need to feel the warmth of a body, the soft hands, and lips caressing their bodies isn't that important nowadays. The most important thing about finding the ideal one-night-stand partner has more to do with covering all those insecurities and negative emotions that cloud our existence with bitterness.

This artist interprets the urban spaces of Marc Auge's theory. According to this French philosopher, those "non-places" are those trivial spaces that lack importance in a person's life. These are manufactured places that become relevant when someone confronts their material existence and their temporary usefulness. Whether it's a supermarket, an airport, or a hotel room, these are places where society loses their identity because everyone appears homogeneous and irrelevant.

This relationship between space and history are fractured in these non-places. There are no relevant forms of expressions there, and although they're crowded spaces, people feel empty and act with indifference. Here's the connection to the Save the Date project. Non-places are a clear symptom of postmodernity, a time when sex has become irrelevant, impersonal, and dehumanized. Sex is carried out without intimacy, in a heady rush without actually internalizing its meaning. What does it mean to share a body and  surrender to pleasure? What lies  underneath this desensitized world is a lack of emotion.

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What were Badasyan impressions once he completed the project?

“It has been a self-rape project which turned me into a machine; I just had to complete my goal every day, so I became a zombie who didn’t care about others’ feelings.” 

According to the artist, the first weeks were easy. After that, it all became troublesome when he started reflecting upon the brief and dehumanized encounters. Moreover, he found endless emotions and artistic inspiration on human decay and the physiological needs that end up bringing out our most basic instincts. Then, sexual activities become ephemeral needs, and we forget the potential behind authentic passion. 


If you're interested in his work, take a look at his website.

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Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards
Alejandro López

Alejandro López

Editor de Historia y Ciencia