10 Masturbation Pros For Women And Men According To Science

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|A Martinez

Around 200 men and women have openly decided to stop masturbating forever. The self-proclaimed fapstronauts are a group that belongs to Reddit's NoFap society, where people share their experience before and after they stopped practicing this natural activity. This community uses different "scientific" facts to show why people should quit this pleasurable activity. Most of these fapstonauts joined the community believing they had problems with pornography or sex addiction, which caused negative effects on them. They've assured that the moment they stopped touching themselves, these effects automatically disappeared.

Although this group's purpose might sound logical in some of their claims, their assumptions can derive from extremist beliefs about masturbation, claiming it has negative effects for everybody so no one ever should do it. In NoFap's official forum there are users who even trash out actual scientific facts by claiming things like this: "Why do we have to ignore our own in experiences in the favor of 'science'?" Thousands of fapstronauts report amazing benefits, but we can't really know whether their sources are  questionable articles they accepted as truth. "If science says masturbation is not harmful, then science is wrong." This shows that some of the members of this online community just choose to ignore or don't take into account the many physiological and psychological benefits masturbation can bring to our lives.

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Science has addressed masturbation from many different perspectives. Although their results vary and take diverse stances, the mid-point is that it isn't completely bad nor good. It's an activity that can have both negative as well as beneficial effects on our body and mind. It's an activity that, when practiced excessively –like everything else in this world– can have counterproductive effects, like those that are pushing individuals like the NoFap group to quit masturbating forever.

Here are 10 Pros that will help you see a broader and more objective picture about masturbation so that you don't just assume things:

1. It prevents prostate cancer

The urogenital tract stores toxins that can produce different diseases, prostate cancer among them. Scientists from the University of Sydney conducted a series of studies assuring that men who ejaculate more than five times a week are less prone to develop prostate cancer.

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2. It prevents erectile dysfunction

Contrary to popular belief, keeping that area active can strengthen the muscles and let them function perfectly. Also masturbating helps increase the libido and promotes healthier and more satisfying sexual experiences.

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3. It reduces menstrual cramps

Masturbation has physiological benefits like helping reduce cramps during menstruation. When you masturbate, the muscles of the vagina exercise, which helps keep the are  healthy and strong.

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4. It helps you sleep better

During climax, the body releases a higher dose of endorphins. Among the many reactions it provokes, these chemicals can help you fall asleep. When the body produces them, the brain expels all the remaining energy, improving your sleep cycles. 

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5. It reduces stress

This is also related to endorphins, which help the brain reach a neutral state of mind, provoking a decrease in blood pressure and anxiety. Practicing it also helps you know what you like in bed and boost your body your confidence.

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6. It improves your immune system

According to a study made by Doctor Jennifer Landa, ejaculating increases the production of cortisol. Frequent masturbation will increase the production of this hormone that can help men regulate and strengthen their immune system. Moreover, in a study made by the Journal Neuroimmunomodulation, it was discovered that while masturbating, men produce more leukocytes, the cells in charge of defeating external organisms.

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7. It improves cardiovascular functioning

It has been proven that the probability of developing a heart disease or condition can be reduced by experiencing frequent orgasms. According to a study published in The American Journal of Cardiology, sex is exercise that helps the regulation of the heart rate and circulatory system. So, orgasms can reduce the risk of having a heart attack. 

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8. It helps you increase your lifespan

Just as it was mentioned, these activities are complete exercise programs. Like any athletic lifestyle, the probabilities of getting a heart or metabolic disease decrease. Having a healthier life based on exercise can significantly your life expectancy. Since masturbating has positive benefits in terms of stress, mood, cardiovascular health, and immune system, according to the British Medical Journal, it's the perfect activity to live a long and healthy life.


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9. It can prevent infections in the cervix and urinal tract

When women get aroused, the cervix opens as a response to excitation. This process, also known as "tenting," stretches the cervix and cervical mucus flows. While doing so, fluids containing bacteria are expelled from the body, preventing any infection.


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10. It helps you be in a better mood

Of course, this might be the most obvious one. Orgasms are the body's response to pleasure, and when we reach them, our neurotransmitters make us feel peaceful and happy. Clinical sexologist Ava Cadell has stated that masturbation is a great weapon against stress and depression since, as it was mentioned, the brain releases endorphins that can help you improve your mood.

Masturbation can be very beneficial; when it's practiced as a recreative and pleasurable activity, it can help your mind and body in so many ways. "Fapstronauts" stopped masturbating mainly because they perceived it as a threat to their lives. Their extremist stance deprives them from understanding the scientific benefits it can bring when practiced in a healthy manner. The best thing one can do is to know how to do it and to see that not everything is black and white. Just let yourself go and enjoy all the things our imagination has to offer.

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Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

A Martinez

A Martinez