4 Fashion Rules Only Stylish Women Know

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|Eduardo Limon

At Gucci's In Fall/Winter 2017 Milan Fashion Show 2017, the models appeared wearing crystals, luxurious furs, and natural fibers. Each full set of clothing and accessories was like a dream. It showed the creativity and skill of a true couturier, who able to reinvent themselves and their creations to keep designs interesting for the fashion world.


This Kitschy collection by Gucci's Creative Director, Alessandro Michele, shows basic fashion knowledge you can take into account while choosing the appropriate accessories and clothes, according to your age and identity. Clothes are not just bits of cotton, wool, and chiffon sewed together. They're meant to become symbols. This intention is represented in the ouroboros, grasshoppers, and beetles that decorate kaleidoscopic designs. Despite the extravagance of these outfits, we can distinguish 4 basic rules that can help you make the best choice if you're looking for a stylish kitschy outfit.

Stylish Women Tips flower patterns


Look for clothes with vibrant colors and textures. They must be versatile enough, so you can match them with many other pieces of clothing and accessories. This colorful piece is meant to stand out with the help of other clothes. Just be careful not to overload your look, so it won't look like it's unkempt.

Stylish Women Tips Pink

For instance, let's think about clothing inspired in the seventies. These are designed to stand out in a harmonious way.

Stylish Women Tips dresses


A key element that makes any outfit or design good is eclecticism. This means to be versatile enough to reinvent yourself every once in a while. It's not as difficult as it sounds; you only need the basic structure of a killer look in order to adapt it to cultural changes.

Stylish Women Tips eclectic

Anything in your wardrobe can be adapted to the contemporary world: t-shirts, shirts, dresses, pants, and more. You just need to look around and get some inspiration.

Stylish Women Tips blue


There's no fashion lover who doesn't want to stand out from the rest. We know fashion trends follow a common pattern, but it's that touch of eccentricity and extravagance that makes certain brands or designers have their own identity to distinguish themselves from each other.

Stylish Women Tips square purse

If we give our outfits a little bit of eccentricity and blend it with our personality, we will have something unique.

Stylish Women Tips long skirt


Elegance is very hard to achieve if your clothes don't meet the quality standards or you don't have some classic colors at hand. Fashion basics like tweed and furs can't be missing from your wardrobe.

Stylish Women Tips black and silver

Purses and shoes are a key elements. A good pair of shoes can make a great difference and give you a sophisticated, original, and elegant look. There's nothing better to compliment your natural beauty.

Stylish Women Tips purse


Apply these 4 rules for a few days, and  you'll see that you'll attract attention more than ever before. You'll also be able to reinvent yourself and feel fresh with that new but personal style.

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Eduardo Limon

Eduardo Limon