Tattoos For Women Who Have Learned From Loneliness

May 5, 2017

|Olympia Villagrán

“A woman must have money and a room of her own..."

No one could have said this better than feminist icon Virginia Woolf in her famous essay A Room of One's Own. Loneliness was certainly something that almost destroyed this fierce writer's life, but instead of being overcome by it, she decided to be the one to defeat it by embracing her moments of isolation. She used them as times of introspection and creative inspiration that resulted in the creation of literary masterpieces.

tattoos self-confidence woolf

Our moments of loneliness don't define us. What we do with those moments is what matters. A tattoo with a short and meaningful phrase is something that can help us find strength during those moments of isolation. It will remind us that in solitary moments we can reinvent ourselves and discover our own creative force. Here you'll find some phrases to inspire your special tattoo.

tattoos self-confidence against the wall


She flies with her own wings.

tattoos self-confidence she flies with her own wings

Loneliness may have locked some door, but this gives you the opportunity to search for others you hadn't seen before. We don't always have the opportunity to create a new path for us. When we're by ourselves and venture into the unknown, we can discover things we've never seen before. In that moment, you realize you've always had wings carrying you; everything you need is inside you.


She believed she could, so she did.

tattoos self-confidence so she did


I belong deeply to myself.

tattoos self-confidence belong to myself

Solitary moments exist for you to know who you are and learn to love yourself. When you're alone, you're most likely looking at yourself. It's in that moment when you can comfort you, because you belong to yourself. 


Don’t dream your life, live your dream.

tattoos self-confidence live your dream


Sometimes you gotta fall before you fly.

tattoos self-confidence fall before you fly

There are things in life that escape from our control. Defeat teaches much more than success, but that kind of learning is hard. Loneliness will hit you hard as many times as necessary before you realize the importance of space, time, and yourself. 


With every heartbeat...

tattoos self-confidence with every heartbeat

You can use any of these phrases for your next tattoo. Or if you prefer, you can come up with one that can lift you up during those solitary moments and remind you that, even though you may be alone, you're also being set free from the past. There'll be more things in life to learn and new paths to explore.


Olympia Villagrán

Olympia Villagrán

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