7 Tips For Rocking A Vintage Look Without Looking Outdated

miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2016 10:47

|Daniel Morales Olea

The nostalgia for the eighties has lasted for more than a decade. From the start of the twenty first century, the glam, makeup, and retro fashion have become a trend that is here to stay. But other eras have also resurfaced: the skirts from the fifties, the hair and color of the sixties, the rebellious seventies, among others. Even the stuff we saw as kids in the nineties is making a comeback.

But before taking a trip to the past, you should know that it’s not about getting it exactly right. Instead, it’s a matter of choosing certain touches to give your outfit a vintage feel but not an old fashioned look. Here’s a bit of advice about how to incorporate a little vintage into your everyday.

Give it a modern edge

Since its creation in the sixties, the poor boy sweater has become a fashion statement on its own. It’s common to see it every other season on the catwalk. The reason why this item that’s been out for fifty years is still cool is because of how it’s constantly updated to bring it to the present.

Modern Touch Vintage Style

Tailor it to fit you

Fashion has had super tight or really baggy clothes at different times. Today clothing seems to be whatever you feel like wearing. So let your clothes fit you. Don’t emulate a decade; use the items to enhance and show off your personality. That way you can wear something from Friends without going back to 1996.

Vintage tailoring

Use key pieces

Give your outfit a bit of vintage flare without overdoing. It’s about evoking an essence of the time without turning it into a costume. The best example is the leather jacket, which takes us back to Rebel Without a Cause and Grease. You can incorporate it to reflect a free spirited nature without becoming a cliché.

Mix and Match Vintage style

Think about accessories

Little details can make a huge difference. A classic necklace can turn a regular outfit into a glamour moment. Rings and bracelets can provide proof of your old soul, and earrings say more than you might think.

Vintage Accesories

Using true vintage pieces

Sometimes the most obvious is the best. Wearing clothes from the era instead of inspired pieces can also change your statement. It doesn’t need to look old, worn, or outdated. It’s proof that true classics are always cool.

classic vintage style

Hair and makeup

This is something few take into consideration. The ensemble is one thing, but the right hair and makeup can make or break an outfit. There’s no easier way to transform than with a stare.

Vintage hair and makeup

Mixing eras and styles

The Black Mirror episode “San Junipero” is a lesson in its own on eighties fashion and style. However, there are a couple winks at the seventies and nineties. The show brings out the denim jackets, stylized suits, and chains that all the bad boys seemed to have. Now you can mix and match pieces and outfits from different eras to make your style more original.

Black Mirror Vintage vs outdated

Translated by María Suárez

Daniel Morales Olea

Daniel Morales Olea