9 Reasons Why We Should Be Selfish And Mean

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|Rodrigo Ayala

"Am I evil? Yes I am (What is it, man?)
Am I evil? Yes, I am, mam".
–Diamond Head

Evil can be triggered by any situation and this concept rears its ugly head in moments you wouldn't expect, on the surface things may appear clear and bright but if you look closer they are riddled with darkness.  For instance, take the controversial Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek who once stated that: "We are all basically evil, egotistical, disgusting. Take torture, for instance. I am a realist. If I had a daughter and someone kidnapped her, and I found a friend of the kidnapper, I cannot say I wouldn’t torture that guy."

Reasons to be selfish and mean laughter

In an interview with the Spanish journal El Pais, Žižek assured that we tend to forget the things that make us feel good because we're obsessed with comparing ourselves to others. His solution to this is going back to classic philosophers like Rousseau, who saw selfishness as something beneficial, as long as it doesn't cause any harm to others.
Being selfish isn't the same as being an insensible person who doesn't help others. Also, it isn't the same as antagonizing others just because you want to, but knowing how to prepare yourself to face negative situations and protect yourself from being hurt. Having said that, under which situations is selfishness acceptable?

Earn Respect In Hostile Environments

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Sometimes when we have to live in an uncomfortable environment, the best thing to do is show a strong stance by being a tiny bit aggressive. Sometimes evoking fear in others is what will help you overcome difficult situations. This of course happens in extreme situations, we could say this is the Evil Survival Mode. 

Take the Edge Off 

Reasons to be selfish and mean back

Have you ever been hurt by someone? Have you been deeply disappointed? When your pride is hurt, being selfish can prevent you from being too emotionally involved. Also, it'll be easier for you to overcome disillusionment. 

Make The Opinion Of Others Irrelevant

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Gossiping and backstabbing is prevalent in any social circle. When you're on the receiving end of these attacks, selfishness with a tiny splash of maliciousness can help you ignore those barbs and move on with your life. 

Help You Focus On Your Own Growth 

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You should stop focusing on the lives of others and take a long, hard look at what you're doing to accomplish your goals. If you want positive results in your life, it's time you got rid of every mental nuisance distracting you from your completing targets. It's no use comparing your life to others'; everyone has a process of their own. 

Face Any Challenge Head On

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Being mean and selfish will give you the tools to overcome any challenge with courage. Sometimes you have to be as fierce as the problems surrounding you. 

Stop Being Clingy

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The worst thing you can do is place your happiness on the hands of others because they'll surely drop it. 
 You don't have to depend on anybody to succeed. There's nothing wrong with focusing on yourself and your lifestyle, it is something that is necessary if you wish to find fulfillment.

Forget Toxicity 

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You can say, "fuck off negativity." Why should you take the brunt of all the things that drive you crazy? Living life constantly stress is not worth it, if you're wading into toxic waters maybe you need to paddle back and reconsider a new plan of action. 

Take Rational Decisions

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People who lack emotional intelligence or are not resilient, are more likely to bend and break under the tension. A slice of selfishness can be enough to help you clear your mind and focus on solving the problem in a rational manner. 

Avoid Intimidation

Reasons to be selfish and mean whatever

Living in constant fear is not worth it. The moment you stop caring about what others think, you'll start living a free and happy life. How can you do it? By putting yourself first. Take decisions based on your own rules and personal interests. If you're in need of mental peace, why not be selfish and mean?

Sometimes we don't acknowledge our own emotions and end up bottling them. Yes, vulnerability is an important quality you must foster, but if you reveal everything, you are left exposed. Sometimes, you need a shell to protect yourself from the evil of others. If you want to see a good example of this, take a look at How Fear Of Vulnerability Turns Men Into Jerks. You might also find interesting these 10 Attitudes An Emotionally Intelligent Person Avoids In A Relationship.


Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards



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Rodrigo Ayala