10 Of The Worst Tattoos You Could Possibly Get In Your Life

miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017 12:05

|Rodrigo Ayala

Once a tattoo artist is done puncturing your skin and injecting ink, there is no turning back. A tattoo is something to be taken seriously; it stays with you for the rest of your life and becomes part of your identity. That's why it is so important to think things through, and choosing a tattoo is no walk in the park. The best tattoos are those that are well thought out and carry a specific meaning. Of course, there is also the possibility that you might regret getting a tattoo many years later, even if it was painstakingly planned, but when you look at the pictures below, you'll realize that sometimes this regret is unavoidable and you should just embrace it, warts and all.  

Worst Tattoos Ever portrait
"Wow...is that your...giirlfrie..um mother? I know! It's like Dolly Parton!"
Portraits are tricky to make and if you want to get a tattoo of someone's face, first check if the artist can actually carry it out. Unless you want a Chucky version of the person you love, which is totally fine by the way. 
Worst Tattoos Ever cactus
If you're a prickly creature then perhaps this tattoo is for you. Just make sure you find a good artist who knows how to depict this little plant. 

Worst Tattoos Ever creepy rabbit

Tempura cat? Rabbit? Wait...it has vampire fangs so obviously it's a hybrid. Well the options are limitless. 

Worst Tattoos Ever pineapple
That poor pineapple looks a little bit confused, like me. Maybe she hasn't realized she'll have to live on someone's skin for many, many years...

Worst Tattoos Ever boy clown
This clown child just gives me the creeps. Talk about a macabre gaze!

Worst Tattoos Ever lady with glasses
No comments. 

Worst Tattoos Ever planets
Looks like a monstrous god with freakishly pointy finger nails wants to devour a psychedelic Solar System. 

Worst Tattoos Ever lolipop

Childhood dreams and candy floss hopes have been shattered. 

Worst Tattoos Ever lipstick
Getting a tattoo of a lipstick surrounded by tiny little dots was indeed a great idea... or not. Did the tattoo artist laugh as they dipped the needle into the ink?

Bananas? Yes, they went full bananas
worst tattoos ever knees
These tattoos by Niña Piña are for the brave. Only a person who doesn't take life seriously would choose any of them. Remember, no matter how strange a tattoo may turn out to be, you're the one who ultimately chooses what designs to have. 

You can now forget these images looking at these sophisticated and magical tattoos.

Translated by Andrea Valle.
Rodrigo Ayala

Rodrigo Ayala