Move over textbooks, here are the stories you’d never thought were real. From bold characters in history to bizarre turn of events across all cultures.

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Napoleon loved his Josephine deeply, and even after divorcing her, he ordered she should keep her title as Empress of France. But did she love him back?
Hannah Duston was the first American woman to get a patriotic statue, but did you know she scalped 10 Native Americans?
Empress Carlota of Mexico is often seen as a secondary character in the history of Mexico, always behind her husband Maximilian. However, she was quite an active figure in the politics of the Empire and was the first woman to rule in Latin America.
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With an actual license to kill, a Casanova reputation, and unlimited money to spend, Porfirio Rubirosa was one of the most influential and famous men in the world at the service of one of the most despicable dictators of the twentieth century.
For centuries, Our Lady of Guadalupe has been worshiped by people in Latin America and the world. But, how did she become the representation of a continental identity?
Santa Claus wasn’t always a jolly old man with a white beard and a red coat. Here’s the story behind this beloved Christmas character.
In Mexico, Christmas starts on December 16th with a nine-day celebration known as “posadas.” These celebrations commemorate Mary and Joseph’s pilgrimage before Jesus’ birth, but it originated in an Aztec tradition.
Mary, Queen of Scots, had everything to become one of the most powerful women of her time, but circumstances pushed her away from that bright destiny.
Only one year ago, she was working at a bar to support her family, and this November, she became the youngest woman in history to be elected to Congress, defeating 10-term incumbent Joe Crowley, one of the longest-standing congressmen. Take a moment to let that sink in.
Nelson Mandela passed away five years ago today. He was 95, and left behind an extraordinary legacy that won’t soon be forgotten. Here are 7 life lessons we learned from him that the world desperately needs right now.
If you thought getting charcoal for Christmas was horrible, wait till you see what these characters do to naughty children.