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Move over textbooks, here are the stories you’d never thought were real. From bold characters in history to bizarre turn of events across all cultures.

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After the viral controversy involving Native American Nathan Phillips and a group of catholic students, many jumped to the teens’ defense. But they lost my sympathy the moment they donned MAGA hats and t-shirts—even if they were otherwise innocent.
We cannot let our guard down when it comes to feminism and the protection of women’s rights, especially when a blatant misogynist is seated at the White House. To help keep a watchful eye this year, here are the best and worst moments for women and feminism in 2018.
A list of five State of the Union addresses that changed the course of world history.
For many Americans, Mexico is either a beach resort destination or a country run by drug lords 'Narcos' style. But most of these ideas are wrong. So, collaborator Dennise Jimenez made a list of five basic things you need to stop believing about the border.
Trump backs off his threat of closing the Border but threatens Mexico with a 25 percent tariff on cars if they don't stop immigration.
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The redacted Mueller report has rocked Washington, but is it enough for Democrats to plunge into the process of impeachment?
Sometimes an innocent word in a language can sound really bad in another, and that's where the real fun is. Below are some words that are completely innocuous in their native language but sound downright inappropriate and rude to the ears of speakers of other languages.
Through cutting-edge facial reconstruction technology, researchers have revealed what a Neolithic dog looked like more than 4,000 years ago.
Walt Disney Company announced that they would be committing to donate $5 million dollars in aid for the reconstruction of the Notre-Dame Cathedral.
From pop stars, to artists, world leaders, and the Pope, these are the most influential latinos of 2019, according to Time magazine.
Carl's Jr. is debuting the "Rocky Mountain High: CheeseBurger Delight," the first cannabis-infused burger by a major fast-food chain, this Saturday, April 20.
Everyone knows Einstein's quirky and iconic tongue photo, but few know the story behind it. Here's what was happening at that exact moment.
With over 850 years of age, Notre-Dame Cathedral stood the test of centuries before Monday's incident. Now it's time to remember—and rebuild. Here are 20 Notre-Dame images from before and after 2019's devastating fire.