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Move over textbooks, here are the stories you’d never thought were real. From bold characters in history to bizarre turn of events across all cultures.

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After the viral controversy involving Native American Nathan Phillips and a group of catholic students, many jumped to the teens’ defense. But they lost my sympathy the moment they donned MAGA hats and t-shirts—even if they were otherwise innocent.
We cannot let our guard down when it comes to feminism and the protection of women’s rights, especially when a blatant misogynist is seated at the White House. To help keep a watchful eye this year, here are the best and worst moments for women and feminism in 2018.
A list of five State of the Union addresses that changed the course of world history.
For many Americans, Mexico is either a beach resort destination or a country run by drug lords 'Narcos' style. But most of these ideas are wrong. So, collaborator Dennise Jimenez made a list of five basic things you need to stop believing about the border.
Trump backs off his threat of closing the Border but threatens Mexico with a 25 percent tariff on cars if they don't stop immigration.