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Move over textbooks, here are the stories you’d never thought were real. From bold characters in history to bizarre turn of events across all cultures.

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Merriam-Webster has added over 530 words to the dictionary, including several inclusive terminology such as the use of 'they' as a nonbinary pronoun. And some people are not happy.
Mijente will meet This Saturday with Bernie Sanders in Las Vegas to discuss his stances on issues affecting the Latino Community.
Fantastical creatures have coexisted with humans, at least in our imagination, since time immemorial.
In the early 20th century, 41 men were arrested at a queer ball in Mexico City, and it became a huge scandal. But why is the story still so relevant?
After nearly 15 years in the dark, the Titanic has been visited again as new expedition gives us the first high-res images of the wreck.