Move over textbooks, here are the stories you’d never thought were real. From bold characters in history to bizarre turn of events across all cultures.

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Napoleon loved his Josephine deeply, and even after divorcing her, he ordered she should keep her title as Empress of France. But did she love him back?
Hannah Duston was the first American woman to get a patriotic statue, but did you know she scalped 10 Native Americans?
Empress Carlota of Mexico is often seen as a secondary character in the history of Mexico, always behind her husband Maximilian. However, she was quite an active figure in the politics of the Empire and was the first woman to rule in Latin America.
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For many Americans, Mexico is either a beach resort destination or a country run by drug lords 'Narcos' style. But most of these ideas are wrong. So, collaborator Dennise Jimenez made a list of five basic things you need to stop believing about the border.
The most celebrated speech in contemporary history turns 55. Here are ten quotes besides "I have a dream". Still, we must question ourselves if we should celebrate Martin Luther King's Speech as a relic from a distant reality or if, sadly, it is as pertinent as it was back then.
A list of five State of the Union addresses that changed the course of world history.
The Qixi Festival, known as Chinese Valentine’s Day, is a wonderful ancient tradition that celebrates everlasting love through a beautiful legend about two celestial lovers.
The far right is gaining more strength than it ever should, as people across the world are making decisions based on ignorance and fear. It’s time to unite and stop this trend on its tracks.
Phallic representations from India, China, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and many other civilizations who have explored through the world of art, the ecstasy of sex are part of The British Museum collection.
She was a great queen, apparently, but nobody cared because they were too busy gossiping about her private life.
Leaked texts from Mexican drug lord Joaquín Guzmán Loera, aka El Chapo, to his wife and mistress might be damning evidence on his trial.