10 Blatant Lies Trump Says To Play You For A Fool

10 Blatant Lies Trump Says To Play You For A Fool

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The government has been shutdown since December 22nd, 2018, when President Donald Trump refused to approve the budget if it did not include $5 billion for his border Wall, putting more than 750,000 jobs at stake. Now, Trump seems to be going around with a tin can looking for anyone’s spare change, threatening to declare a national emergency, and going as far as asking TV networks to transmit a message to the American people.@realdonaldtrump

When a President speaks on primetime, you can expect things to get serious. Unless, of course, that president is Donald Trump. What we didn’t expect until now was for him to lie straight to our faces thinking we could be fooled this way, when all of his claims can be quickly fact-checked. Here’s 10 claims he has made in the past few days, and why they are total BS.

  1. There’s a crisis at the border

No one is saying there is a crisis EXCEPT for Trump, White House officials, and white supremacists. Even Fox News seems skeptical about his claims. Watch this video of Chris Wallace smoking Sarah Sanders on her lies.

The number of people coming through the border illegally hasn't been this low since 1970, and people weren’t complaining then, so why are you complaining now? Because you’ve been conned into thinking this is an exceptional situation.

Reports have said that 310,000 people were apprehended at the border. That is down 1.3 million from the last major peak, which was in 2000. Is this really worth 5 BILLION dollars?

  1. Mexico will pay for the Wall

The fact that Trump cannot seem to get his Wall funded is the entire reason for this shutdown. He repeatedly told the American public that he would have the Wall built and then have Mexico pay for it. But two years in, Mexico is showing no signs of paying for this round of walls.

Now, he’s changing the rhetoric, saying that the new USMCA Free Trade Agreement is basically Mexico paying for the Wall indirectly. Actually, like we’ve said elsewhere, assuming the trade deal is approved by Congress, the revenue coming from the deal would go to private citizens, not the US Treasury. That means that American businesspeople, in any case, would be the ones who end up actually paying for the Wall. This would be done through taxation, of course, and certainly NOT at the expense of Mexico or Mexican citizens. 

  1. The Wall will solve the opioid epidemic

Wrong! First of all, they’re assuming opioids = heroin or other illegal drugs. But the problem also stems from opiod prescriptions and medicine you can buy legally or order through the mail, all of which the border has nothing to do with. 

  1. There’s a horde of criminal migrants coming to murder you. 

On Primetime, Trump spewed a litany of brutal crimes like murder and rape, allegedly committed by illegal migrants. Even one murder is one too many, but his stories paint an absurd picture. Actually, there are 56 percent fewer criminal convictions of illegal immigrants than native-born Americans. And the criminal conviction rate for legal immigrants, at least in Texas, was about 85 percent below the native-born rate.
The Washington Post published a piece demolishing the notion that immigrants here illegally commit more crime: “Undocumented immigrants are considerably less likely to commit crime than native-born citizens, with immigrants legally in the United States even less likely to do so."

  1. Democrats want open borders

Did you really think Democrats wanted open borders? This is another blatant lie in line with Trump’s post truth fake news rhetoric used to convince noble, yet misinformed, citizens that someone is out to get you. I mean, who even wants open borders? Nobody wants open borders. Did anyone even suggest it? Come on, people, you’re smarter than that!

  1. The American people support the Wall

They don’t. 57% of Americans oppose the Wall.

  1. Republicans are 100% behind the POTUS

You better not put all your eggs in this basket because Republicans in the House and the Senate will gradually begin to speak out against the President and his shutdown. Many of them are probably privately against the Wall, but have chosen to remain with this Administration out of loyalty to the GOP.  

Watch Mitch McConnell’s reaction when they ask him if Mexico will pay for the Wall:

Members of Congress who have already broken with the President on the shutdown issue: Susan Collins (Maine), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), and Cory Gardner (Colorado). Stay tuned for more.

  1. Former presidents have confided to him that they support the Wall

Again, lie. Every living former president has denied doing so. So, now the president is lying about having things in common with them. Sad!

  1. Terrorists come through the border. 

The State Department says in a 2017 report:  “No credible information that any member of a terrorist group has travelled through Mexico to gain access to the United States.” Yet, Vice President Mike Pence went on TV and said “3,000 special interest aliens were apprehended” at the border. The real number: half a dozen! And they weren’t stopped for being terrorists, but for a variety of reasons. Seriously, Mike, you’re trying too hard.

  1. The migrant caravan is coming to get us.

Nope. The migrant caravan is a group of Central American migrants seeking asylum LEGALLY, fleeing from persecution, and dire social and economical conditions (much like many of our ancestors did in their time). They have stayed in camps at the Mexican border on Mexican soil, and the situation is in no way as chaotic as the sensationalist press has led us to believe. If anything, they’re there because the US has intentionally made the process slower and more difficult for them.

Trump wants to convince you this is a crisis. It’s not. In terms of illegal crossings, things have actually gotten better. All in all, even if the President is passionate about getting his Wall, why won’t he approve a budget that funds agencies that have nothing to do with the border and continue the debate after he ends the shutdown? He’s choosing to hold workers hostage in order to make the Democrats cave. This seems unlikely, though, and the whole thing about declaring a national emergency won’t work from a legal standpoint.  So, don't fall for his BS because he just might be digging his own grave.


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