15 Medieval Demons That Can Ruin Your Life

15 Medieval Demons That Can Ruin Your Life

By: Olympia Villagrán -

It all began with Lucifer's unstoppable rebellion that opposed all mandates dictated by God. In a war that defied all divine order, of good versus evil, Satan was not the only being that betrayed the Creator, other creatures crawled from the darkness and were cursed to an eternal life in Hell. 

All these dark beings are born from our everyday struggles and their sole existence is to make us stumble and fall. Demons are there to condemn others to a life of pain, mistakes, and temptations. They live in all of us and it is a matter of letting them take control of our lives. 

15. Titivillus: Demon of Spelling Mistakes and Procrastination

Medieval demons titivillus

Titivillus is known for introducing errors into the work of scribes. He is described as a demon that collects mispronounced, mumbled or skipped words of people, and takes these to Hell to be counted against the sinners. Titivillus is often referred to with the somewhat fanciful title of "The Patron Demon of Scribes" and his responsibility is for people to make as many mistakes as possible in a text. 

14. Allatou:Demon of Illicit Acts 

Medieval demons allatou

She is the wife of another medieval demon, Nergal. She tempts you to abandon your principles and moral judgment, and fall into perdition. Every moral lesson will be forgotten if you listen to her poisonous whispers. 

13. Arioch: Demon of Revenge

Medieval demons arioch

If what you are feeling is an unquenchable thirst for vengeance and retribution, then it is Arioch that is sitting on your shoulder egging you on. This fallen angel tries to condemn you to a life of bitterness so you lash out against those who have hurt you. Arioch was one of the fallen angels that joined the ranks of the Morning Star. For his disobedience, his existence is driven by revenge and like all the other demons, he has been cursed to spread his sin everywhere. 

12. Agramón: Demon of Fear

Medieval demons agramon

Fear is not a sin, but inside of us there is a dormant creature that once it's woken, creates irrational fears that are impossible to control. All the insecurities you bottle up are heightened and these fears stop you from living life to the fullest.

11. Radna: Demon of Envy and Greed

Medieval demons radna

Also known as the "King of the Demons," Radna is anxious to feed from human hearts. It is said that it has the power to influence the thoughts and feelings of people and fill them with envy. The hearts of men are corrupted by power and as greed takes over their souls, Radna becomes the most powerful creature in the world. 

10. Balam: Demon of Rebellion

Medieval demons balam
Balam is known as the "Prince of Hell" and it is portrayed as a feminine figure crowned with a diadem of precious stones. It has the power to lead hundreds of legions of fallen angels and unleash its terrifying force into the mortal world. Balam holds the power to incite rebellion in the calmest hearts. 

9. Dahaka: Demon of Deceit and Lies

Medieval demons dhaka
Described as a monster with three heads and a body covered with scorpions and snakes, Dahaka has the power to transform reality, hide the truth, and twist the facts. Any bond or friendship can be easily broken by Dahaka. 

8. Gresil: Demon of Filth and Impurities

Medieval demons gresil

We all fall to temptation and when we seek out this pleasure, we are falling prey to the powers of Gresil. This demon can possess the bodies of men and women and force them to commit heinous acts. 

7. Belfegor: Sloth Demon

Medieval demons gresil

It is a demon with a lazy appearance that hides a truly malevolent nature. Many witches would summon Belfegor to give them the ability to invent potions and cast curses in a faster way. As technology eases the way in the modern world, we could call Belfegor the "Demon of Technology". 

6. Braathwaate: Demon of Ignorance

Medieval demons braathwaate
It is a fallen angel in charge of emptying the minds of people and leaving them with no ambition to learn, create or discover. 

5. Bucon: Demon of Hatred

Medieval demons bucon
It is a powerful demon that belongs to the The Key of Solomon, a grimoire that allows you to conjure and control evil spirits.  Bucon is under the power of Hael and Sergulath. He has the power to incite hatred and jealousy between the sexes.

4. Oiellet: Demon of Wealth

Medieval demons oiellet
Oiellet is also known as the Prince of Domains, it lures men to abandon their principles and become wealthy. 

3. Rodmentor:Demon of Love 

Medieval demons rodmentor

This powerful demon has the power to transform this beautiful feeling into a sickening obsession. Even the most faithful lovers fall prey to his machinations. 

2. Unza: Demon of Lust

Medieval demons unza

Unza was a weak angel that was driven by a powerful lust that led to its fall from grace. A person possessed by Unza is characterised by insatiable lust.  

1. Verrine: Demon of Impatience

Medieval demons verrine

Verrine is also known to be the demon of self healing or health. It is also the demon that ran wild during the Aix-en-Provence possessions, where a series of alleged demonic possessions occurred among the nuns in South of France in 1611. He was formerly the second in the order of Thrones, subordinate to Astaroth as Gressil is subordinate to Verrine.

Demons hide in the darkest corners of the human mind. While we worship the benevolent creatures that are a source of good, we hide and tremble at the sight of these demons. In Medieval times it was natural to explain good and evil acts by using Christian symbols and figures. These 15 demons were part of a person's daily lives and their primary task was to avoid falling into their clutches of temptation.