Bernie Sanders Drops A Surprise Visit On Residente's Home

Bernie Sanders Drops A Surprise Visit On Residente's Home

By: Santiago Gonzalez -

Calle 13 ex-vocalist and longtime Bernie Sanders supporter Residente gets a visit by the man himself. Are we getting a new interview?

On Thursday, long time Bernie Sanders supporter Residente received a surprise visit. It was none other than Bernie Sanders himself, dropping in for a photo-op in which you can see them chatting about issues regarding the 2020 elections, specially considering a third round of debates is looming in.

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"Tuve que parar de escribir porque @berniesanders vino a casa a pedirme azúcar" he wrote. "De una vez aprovechamos y hablamos de varias cosas. I had to stop writing because @berniesanders came to the house to borrow sugar. One thing led to another and we ended up talking about a lot of things."

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Residente had endorsed Sanders' candidacy back in the 2016 elections even holding an interview where they touched on topics like Puerto Rico's potential statehood, debt, and status as a colony, as well as US-Latin American relations. In the 2016 interview, Residente specifically asked about the role and intervention of the United States when it came to dictatorships in the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's, most importantly like the ones in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and Nicaragua. Sanders responded this role, which derives from the Monroe Doctrine, was "completely unacceptable." Here's the full interview.

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Bearing Sanders' previous meeting with Residente in mind, as well as his video with Cardi B, and the fact that Residente's described their meeting ending up with them "talking about a lot things," people can expect a new interview coming in the midst of the 2020 Primary elections. Here's hoping.

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