The President Who Is Against Immigration Praises Hispanic Contribution To The United States

Donald Trump commemorates Hispanic Heritage Month at the White House with rather contradictory remarks.

Many Hispanics in the United States work as farmers, waiters, house painters, maids, construction workers, and at some other services. Most of them have to wake up very early, spend more than one hour commuting, work long hours and receive low payrolls so they can try to live the so called American Dream.

Hispanic Americans contribute half a trillion dollars to US economy, according to President Donald Trump, who had a ceremony at the White House to commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month. “These are amazing statistics. Be proud of yourself, it’s incredible. Of course, I’d like to take full credit. Can I take it? I wasn’t the one getting up at 5 o’clock in the morning to go to work, I know that, but I get up at 5 for other reasons”, Trump stated to media and special guests at the event. I don’t think any member of the Hispanic community would be happy if someone else, who doesn’t understand the effort it takes to work endless hours, would unfairly give himself credit for making the United States one of the most powerful countries in the world.

Trumps speech was somehow contradictory. On one hand, immigration policies the Trump administration has developed include building a wall in the border of Mexico and the US, revoking passports to Hispanic US citizens and sending them to immigration detention centers, and addressing Mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists. On the other hand, Trump’s speech regarding the importance of Hispanic Heritage Month praised the work and contributions of Hispanic Americans to the country, who “enrich our nation in countless ways.”

Two Hispanic entrepreneurs who have been creating jobs in the US were invited to The White House: Irina Vilariño, whose family opened Las Vegas Cuban Cuisine in the 1980s and currently employs more than 400 people in eight locations in Florida; and Joel Garza, owner of Sonic Drive-In burgers, who is responsible of 1500 employees in 42 locations, mainly in the Houston area. Both were thankful to the current government for the tax reforms that have helped open new business.

Still, President Trump did not miss the opportunity to show us his true colors. In the middle of his speech, Trump "praised" Jovita Carranza, Treasurer of the United States and of Hispanic descent, saying that “that’s a very big position, that’s a very big position.” However, some questions came to mind: was it necessary to remark how big it is for a woman of Hispanic heritage to hold such a role in politics? Was he congratulating her or rather being condescending as he highlighted her "privileged" place at the White House?

Hispanics on Twitter were not having it and responded to Trump’s passive aggressive commemoration.

Hispanics and Latinos in the United States represent more than 58 million people and that's enough to change the course of history in the United States for the upcoming midterm elections. Trump mentioned that he hopes to win the Hispanic vote for next term and people responded by chanting "four more years" during the Hispanic Heritage Month commemoration. Did this come unexpectedly? Is this response acceptable? Will the sleeping giant let anti immigration reforms go ahead for another period? We'll see.


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