This Is Why I'm Not Surprised We Have A Humanitarian Crisis In The US
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This Is Why I'm Not Surprised We Have A Humanitarian Crisis In The US

What's on This Is Why I'm Not Surprised We Have A Humanitarian Crisis In The US

It doesn't matter what they claim. We're really facing a humanitarian crisis in the US-Mexico border that's not even close to ending.

You really must be a cold-blooded person if you’re impervious to the suffering portrayed in those distressful audios of children being kept on the so called "tender age" shelters in the US-Mexico border. While it’s true that President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to keep families together, does this mean the problem is over? This leads to other equally important questions like when will it happen, when will children be released and how are they going to be handed to their parents? Moreover, does the President really understand the reach of his actions and the crimes against humanity he allowed and promoted?

I can speak for many of us when I say that this news really provoked a huge anger and impotency only by thinking about the pain, anxiety, desperation, and uncertainty these children might be experiencing or even just imagining what their parents must be going through. But all in all the only thing that kept rounding my mind was why are we so surprised? Some people consider the United States as a land of Freedom and Opportunity, but throughout history it’s been proven on and on that in their eagerness to become that “great” and powerful country, they’re really willing to do as they see fit even if that goes against the basic principles of human rights.

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So, despite this horrible “zero-tolerance” immigration policies of separating families and keeping in custody more than 2,000 children (some of them babies that haven’t even turned a year old) in detention centers, what shocked people the most were the audios and images going through the internet of what is really happening there. Even more unsettling is perhaps how people are reacting towards this humanitarian crisis. You just have to go to the comment section of any video, image, or post on social media to realize that many do sympathize or even applaud these sort of measures because despite their beliefs, this is for the greater good of their country. So, where’s the line drawn?

If the list of horrors wasn’t long enough, I find really alarming and gives me the creeps to see the cold and heartless way in which the government has responded to the questioning of this inhumane policy. There is a video of Sarah Huckabee Sanders (White House press secretary) being questioned about this even appealing to that quite hidden sense of empathy as a mother, how come she doesn’t see this as a horrible inhuman measure. She was even asked to comment on Jeff Sessions (General Attorney) defending on the policy based on the Bible, and her agreeing that it was “very biblical to enforce the law”

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Law, that really powerful and yet voided word people abide by without really seeing the foundations it has. If you take a look throughout history you can see that most of the worst atrocities inflicted have been done under the “law,” and the US is no exception. This practice of separating children from their fathers and mothers isn’t even new, it was actually common during the era of slavery and it was absolutely legal. But the list of crimes they’ve committed under the flag of greatness is really long. What about the Internment Camps where more than 100,000 Americans of Japanese descent were incarcerated during WWII? Oh sorry, President Ford did issue a formal apology… decades later. We don’t have to go that back in history. Do you remember Joe Arpaio, Phoenix’s sheriff, and his outdoors tent jail (he even called a concentration camp) for “illegal alien” prisoners in Arizona?

Take a look at the last part of the question that’s in quotation marks. I didn’t place them just because, these were the words Arpaio used in several declarations. Now, just two days ago, Sarah Huckabee Sanders used the exact same words when she said that "there have been a number of individuals that are permanently separated from their families due to the illegal aliens that have come across the border and murdered and killed American citizens. Where is the outrage over that separation?" Do you see how negatively powerful these words are? Again, this isn’t new at all, for decades it has been a favorite term to differentiate Americans from others and accentuating the fact that people from other countries, meaning basically all the world, aren’t equal to them. So, by using these words, they’re automatically placing themselves above immigrants so it gives them the right to do whatever they want to “protect” themselves from these terrifying "aliens".

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Now, what can we get from all of what has happened besides that anger and frustration? I do think that it’s impressive how social media has played a key role in denouncing and exposing these horrors, something that in past atrocities didn’t happen up to these lengths. But as mentioned at the beginning, the fact that all the pressure actually pushed President Trump to sign the executive order, doesn’t solve much, not to mention what he kind of mockingly says at while signing "ok, you're going to have a lot of happy people". The process to reunite all these children with their parents will definitely be a really long one since basically most of their parents were sent to their countries of origin. But that’s just one part of what’s to come, how will the government held accountable for the torture and psychological stress all these people have been put through? I bet that as they’ve done it in the past, they’ll believe that a public apology will be enough when we know it’s not even close to repairing the damage.


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