All Las Vegas Casinos Forced To Close Due To Coronavirus

All Las Vegas Casinos Forced To Close Due To Coronavirus

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Nevada casinos are closing for 30 days, following a state order to prevent coronavirus from spreading.

by Oscar Vera

With empty poker tables and slot machines shut down, coronavirus has switched Las Vegas off. In a historic event, in the hope of containing the coronavirus, Nevada Governor, Steve Sisolak has ordered hotels, casinos, and restaurants to close to avoid more transmissions. 

The city, known for the neon lights of its hotels and casinos is going dark for the first time in almost six decades. Restaurants and bars that serve food can only sell to go or for home delivery. Hospitals, gas stations, and grocery stores will remain open. 

The last time that Las Vegas closed so many casinos was during President Kennedy’s funeral in 1963.

This closing of casinos and hotels will be a hard economic blow for the US, since the games industry employs about 1.8 million people and a pool of businesses worth $260 billion USD. 

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This shutdown will remain active for 30 days, but Sisolak has warned that he could extend this measure if necessary.  

There are currently 56 confirmed coronavirus cases in Nevada, and one person has died already. 

With this shutdown, Nevada joins the list of states that have stopped non-essential services partially or totally in order to stop the virus. This includes the states of California, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, and Washington.

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President Donald Trump has asked Americans to follow all health recommendations, which includes elderly citizens avoiding gatherings of more than 10 people, as well as restaurants and bars.

For now, the City of Sin is taking a break to help stop the virus, showing that betting on the health of millions of people is the smart thing to do.