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Vampires, Ghosts And Other Entities That Live In Mexico City's Subways

Por: Abril Palomino15 de octubre de 2021

Subway trains hold much scarier stories than you might think!

Millions of inhabitants of Mexico City travel at all hours, every day through the kilometers of collective transportation called Metro, the veins of Mexico City. In the corridors and trains of this itinerant place have been written stories of love, routine, loss, hope, and of course, some legends of terror.

During the day, some users think of the horror stories that can develop in the subway: robberies, harassment, fights, conglomerations, abuses, frauds, among other natural possibilities in such a busy public space. However, few have suffered unfortunate events that border more on the paranormal. Here are some of the spookiest ghost stories and legends that took place in Mexico City's subway system.

Consulado Station

In this station, located north of the city, two paranormal apparitions have been reported. Several passersby comment that late at night, when the trains and corridors are almost empty, they have heard the disconsolate cry of a child. However, they have never found him. This was captured in a video taken by some subway workers during their shift in the early morning. When the station was closed to the public, they heard the child's cries, only to be confronted with his presence, as seen in the video.

The other reported case is that of a couple that appears from inside the subway tunnel, something impossible since no one has access to this area and it is too narrow to fit two people. It is said that the couple had a blank stare. As they left the tunnel the man vanished, and the woman keeps walking through without turning around.

Viaducto Station

In 1975 one of the worst tragedies occurred on line 2 of the subway. A terrible crash caused the death of dozens. The most shocking thing is that soon after this accident, some users began to report strange silhouettes at the Viaducto station, paranormal incidents were escalating to cause some accidents at the checkpoints of the station and the apparition of ghostly entities during the night.

Pino Suarez Station

A ghost watchman is said to inhabit this station. Legend has it that one night, while a watchman was doing his usual maintenance and cleaning work, he met another man, whom he had never seen before. He told him that he was also responsible for this work. It seemed to the watchman that it might be a scam, so he began to interrogate the stranger with questions about the station, to which the other man answered accurately. 

The next day, the watchman told this strange event to his boss, who, frightened, took an old photo from a file and asked him if it had been the person he had seen. The watchman confirmed he was the man he had seen the night before. His boss replied with astonishment that it was the spirit of a man who had been run over and killed at the station a decade before and that it was not the first time he had appeared at the station.

Barranca del muerto station

The Barranca del muerto station is terrifying when you think that it is one of the deepest in the entire subway network. Besides its terrifying name, which translates literally as dead man's canyon, the station is related to a mass grave created for the dead in battle during the Mexican Revolution. Some swear that in the most solitary and silent moments of the night, you can hear the wailing of souls that have not been able to rest.

However, the paranormal activity at this station also involves a vampire. Legend has it that on the last run of the orange subway line, a man fell fast asleep and woke up in the shelter of the Barranca del muerto station. Trying to find a way out, he witnessed a scene worthy of a horror movie: a humanoid with sharp teeth and ears was biting a man's neck. The spectator fainted before the terrifying scene; he woke up in a hospital, he told what happened, but nobody believed him.

Panteones station

Like the Barranca del muerto station, Panteones has penitence in its name, which translates as cemeteries. It is hard to think that this subway structure, which is so close to 4 old cemeteries in Mexico City, would be free of any lost souls. Although no one has yet reported a concrete apparition, many people notice a particular coldness and atmosphere in the tunnels and corridors of the station, as well as the sound of some knocking or wailing.

Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

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