Changing Halloween? Over 100,000 People Have Signed A Petition To Move Its Date

A petition on is aiming to change the date of Halloween citing child safety concerns, and more than 102,000 people have already signed.

As things stand now, Halloween is set to fall on a Thursday this year. That means celebrating it could ultimately interfere with school or work schedules—people will have to either rush around during the evening and cut it short in order to wake up early the next day, or not celebrate it at all. Children will have to go trick-or-treating knowing they too have to rise and shine for school early the next morning, so their enjoyment of the holiday is not quite what it could be. Their parents might even need to skip it given their tough schedules, meaning many kids all around the country will have to go alone. That's just not safe.

The Saturday Halloween Movement

Now imagine we could make it so Halloween never again falls on a weekday. Imagine we guaranteed the holiday always took place, say, on a Saturday, so that most people didn't have to work that day or the day after. How cool would that be?


Well, that's what a currently-viral petition is striving for, launched last year by the Halloween and Costume Association (HCA). With over 102,000 signatures at this time (and counting), the petition argues that moving Halloween to the last Saturday of the month would ensure the the safety of children and allow the holiday to get the celebration time it deserves. Think about it: having Halloween fall on a weekday pretty much ruins the whole thing. It adds stress and pressure to everyone, prevents us from fully enjoying the evening, and leads to far more safety issues than if Halloween had fallen on the weekend.

For family and safety

"51% Of Millennials say Halloween is their favorite holiday, why cram it into 2 rushed evening weekday hours when it deserves a full day!?!" the petition reads, though it otherwise mostly focus on the safety of children and the fact that a Saturday-bound Halloween would allow more parents to join their kids in the festivities, thus promoting family bonding. "70% of parents don’t accompany their children trick-or-treating," the HCA notes. "You’re never too old to trick-or-treat! Grab a costume and take advantage of some good ol' fashioned family bonding!"


So, should we all sign the petition or is celebrating Halloween on its traditional date of October 31 important? Let us know what you think.

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