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Queen Elizabeth II Cancels Official Events For Health Issues

Por: Lau Almaraz29 de octubre de 2021

Once again, alerts are raised about Queen Elizabeth's health; according to medical advice, she will have to rest these days.

Queen Elizabeth II will cancel her official acts for "at least the next two weeks" to rest, following the advice of doctors, Buckingham Palace said in a statement.

Throughout that time, the monarch, who was admitted one night last week to undergo "preliminary examinations," will devote herself exclusively to light office tasks, including some virtual audiences, but will not participate in person in official events.

Harry and Meghan's possible return

These changes in his schedule continue to cause concern about her health, as she has been going to the hospital for medical check-ups in recent weeks. This week it was reported that one of Queen Elizabeth favorite events, the climate change summit, will have to be missed due to health reasons.

Several media outlets are even speculating that Meghan and Harry will return for Christmas, as they consider having their daughter, Lilibet Diana, meet her great-grandmother given the outlook presented with Queen Elizabeth's health. Many reports indicate that the Queen's health has deteriorated because she spends many hours in front of the television in the early mornings; that combined with the great activity she has in the mornings, the fatigue she has presented is extreme.

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Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

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