20 Curious Facts About Queen Elizabeth II That Will Blow Your Mind

After seven decades under the spotlight, there are many curious facts about Queen Elizabeth II most people don't know. Did you know these?

Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-reigning monarch in the UK and will soon celebrate her Platinum Jubilee marking 70 years on the throne. After the sudden death of her father, King George VI, Elizabeth became Queen of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth in 1952, and throughout her reign, she's been a crucial part of historical events like no modern head of state has ever been.

While we can't imagine a life without Queen Elizabeth as head of the UK, in fact, neither her father nor she and her descendants was born nor prepared for the role. After the unexpected abdication of her uncle, King Edward VIII, in 1936, his younger brother Bertie assumed the crown as George VI with no preparation for it whatsoever. Still, he managed to thrive in the turbulent period of World War II. With her father's example, Elizabeth was determined to prove herself fit for the job, and 70 years are proof she did.


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Still, even after seven decades under the spotlight, there are many curious facts about Queen Elizabeth II most people don't know. Did you know these?:


  • Prince Philip's pet name for her was 'Cabbage.'
  • She served in World War II as a mechanic. She was the first member of the Royal Family to join the Armed Services.
  • She paid for her iconic wedding dress with war rationing coupons. Still, the dress was one of the most expensive ones in royal weddings history. 
  • She only carries cash in her purse on Sundays so she can donate money to her church.
  • She drinks a glass of champagne every night before bed.
  • She is the only person in Britain who can drive without a license plate on her car. She also doesn't need a passport when traveling around the world.
  • She's the longest-reigning monarch in British history. In 2015, she surpassed Queen Victoria's 63 years on the throne.
  • She backs over 600 charities and organizations.
  • Although her birthday is April 21, it's celebrated in June in what's known as the Trooping the Colour ceremony. It's been celebrated since the 17th century as the official birthday of the monarch.
  • She joined Facebook in 2010, through a page called "The British Monarchy."

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  • She loves corgis and has owned over 30 during her reign. Her first corgi was named Susan, and all the pups she's owned are descendants of Susan.
  • She was the first British monarch to visit China in 1986.
  • She sent her first email in 1976 from a British army base.
  • She's an Arsenal supporter in football.
  • She owns an elephant, two giant turtles, a jaguar, and a pair of sloths, all of them were presents from other countries, and all live in the London Zoo. She also owns all dolphins and swans in UK waters.

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  • The Queen’s birthplace is now a fancy Cantonese restaurant Called Hakkasan, at 17 Bruton Street in Mayfair.
  • As the Queen, she has to sent around 50,000 Christmas cards.
  • She's been using the same nail polish color for the past thirty-two years. That is 'Ballet Slippers' from Essie if you were wondering.
  • She has a personal poet. That's right, there's an official position for poet laureates who write special poems for royal events.
  • She doesn't use a regular alarm clock. She wakes up to the sound of a bagpiper every single morning.

    With almost 70 years on the throne, there are lots of things that Queen Elizabeth has done. The incredible thing is that she's still quite an active and fascinating character and will probably keep being that awesome in the years to come.

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