17 Photos Of The 4-Day Heaven Titanic Was Before It Sank

Would you dare sail on the Titanic? In 2022, that will be a possibility. If not, you can always be amazed by the luxury of this emblematic ship through these photos.

Despite the fact that the sinking of the RMS Titanic happened more than a century ago, there’s something about it that still intrigues and shocks us. Every single new aspect that refers to the legendary ship captures our attention and leaves us wanting to know more about the tragedy that took the lives of more than 1500 people. To this day, people are still fascinated by the Titanic, maybe because of the 1997 movie or all the documentaries that are still being made about it. The latest proof of this is the gigantic, look-alike ship called Titanic II (shocking, right?), which will set sail in 2022.

Financed by the Australian business mogul and politician Clive Palmer, the ship is still under construction and it will be a close replica (a bit wider than the original) of the “unsinkable” ship. With a high-tech and modern interior that aims to wow the world, this new and improved Titanic will be equipped with the ultimate sailing technology and safety measures, you know, to avoid any possible peril. Still, since the project was announced, people couldn’t help but feel that it was bad luck to build a new Titanic. That's probably why they changed the original sailing route: the inaugural trip will depart from Jiangsu, China (where it’s being built) and end in Dubai. Eventually, the Titanic will make the original trip from Southampton, England to New York City. Would you dare sail on the now allegedly unsinkable Titanic II?

If the idea to board a ship called Titanic is too much for you, you can scroll down and enjoy the beauty of the original ship. The pictures are so captivating that you might even change your mind.

Second and third class passengers hanging out on the steerage deck.

Doctor checking passengers for eye infections.

Second-class cabinet.

Woman and man at the ship's gymnasium.

Only first-class passengers were allowed at the gymnasium.

Among the amenities of the ship, passengers (first class only, naturally) could enjoy a big pool. This photo was taken at the Olympia, Titanic's twin ship.

The Titanic prior to departure on its inaugural sail.

Most of the Titanic's lifeboats were taken out so that there would be more place for people to walk on the deck.

Life jackets being tested.

Titanic's main dining room with leather chairs.

Café Parisien, first-class wing.

Reading hall.

The Titanic was presented as the most modern transatlantic ship ever made by men, mixing both technology and high comfort (well, at least for the first and second classes). In their eagerness to make it even more luxurious and aesthetically pleasing, the White Star Line ended up committing a big mistake that led to one of the worst sailing tragedies in history. The captivating and intriguing story of the Titanic has lived on to our days to the point that this new Titanic is expected to be a great success. What do you think, is it really a way to give the Titanic a second chance to complete its journey, or is just a shameless way to make money off of people's nostalgia?


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