A Queen’s ghost or a monk, these are some creepy facts about Royal Palaces

Centuries old-history haunts these places today, Queen’s ghosts, monks, and two little brothers wandering around these properties.

Although royal properties are beyond awesome, they hold many secrets and the energies of all the situations and even tragedies that had happened inside them during their many years of existence.

Queen’s ghosts, monks, and two little brothers wandering around, are some of the creepiest facts of some of the royal households around the world. Hope you can sleep tight at night after reading it.


Catherine Howard’s and her ghostly scream in the Hampton Court Palace

Catherine, queen of England from 1540 to 1541, was King Henry VII fifth wife. During their marriage, he ordered her demise for adultery and treason when Catherine was only 19 years old, and before she was taken to the guillotine, she ran through the palace corridors asking for forgiveness and mercy.

People say that Catherine’s prayers can still be heard today in the corridors of Hampton Court Palace.


The monk that prays at Buckingham Palace

Before this palace was built, the land was a monastery, so the palace sits on the tomb of a restless monk, although his name is unknown, his spirit remains on the hallways of Buckingham Palace.

He appears on the rear terrace, using a brown cowl, his chains can be hard from the terrace at night as he desperately moans.


The King that peers sadly from the window of Windsor Castle

George III was King of Great Britain and Ireland from 1760 until the union of the two kingdoms in 1801. He had recurrent and eventually permanent mental illness, although some believe he had bipolar disorder, the main reason for his decline, remains unknown.

Windsor Castle was his home and the place where he was housed during his sick period, hoping to be able to subdue his turbulent thoughts within the palace walls. Many years later, it’s believed that through the windows it’s possible to see the king peeping out of the windows, with a sad look.


Jane Seymour blocking the stairs of the Hampton Court

Jane Seymour was Henry VIII’s beloved wife, unfortunately, Jane met a tragic end due to some complications after giving birth to her child. Some people say she appears on the birthdate of her son and the date of her passing, dressed in white, full of sadness on the Silverstick Stairs, which lead to the room where she passed away.

Two young princes hold hands in the Tower of London

Prince Edward V and Prince Richard were taken to the Tower of London and they were never seen or heard of again. Edward was never crowned and his brief reign was dominated by the influence of his uncle who also deprived him of reigning, so Richard III ended up in the throne.


The disappearance of the brothers is attributed to Richard III, however, there is no evidence to confirm it. Even so, it is said that in the hallways of the Tower of London you can sometimes see the brother holding hands, doing nothing, and then vanish, just like the classic scene of Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’.

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