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London Bridge has fallen. Buckingham confirms the death of Queen Elizabeth II

Por: María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards 8 de septiembre de 2022

Buckingham Palace has confirmed the sad death of Queen Elizabeth II this... She was 96 years old, and had been Queen for over 70 years.

The end of the second Elizabethan era has ended. The Royal Family has just announced the sad news of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing on their official Social Media accounts. According to the Statement the new King and the Queen Consort will stay at Balmoral but will be traveling to London tomorrow for the official honors. She was at Balmoral, her official Summer residency.

Buckingham Palace issued a statement this Thursday, 7, announcing that the Queen was under medical supervision. It was also reported that all her five children were with her and the rest of the family was on their way as well to be next to her in this difficult time.

Prince Harry, who was visiting the UK with his wife, Meghan Markle, hadn’t arived when the sad news broke. By the time, the announcement of her health was made, the BBC and other British media outlets were already wearing black expecting the worse.

As it had been planned years before, the London Bridge Protocol (the code name given to the Queen’s death) has been activated at this moment. That is, the Queen’s private secretary immediately informed the new Prime Minister, Liz Truss about the sad passing of the bridge. Behind closed doors, her office has already arranged all the respecting ceremonies before passing the news to the press.

King Charles

Charles is no longer the heir Prince but King of the United Kingdom, and his wife, as declared by the Queen herself, is now officially Queen Consort Camilla. Prince William is now first in line to the crown. Now, Charles will likely take a couple of days to mourn the passing of her mother before taking office as the official head of the nation. And whether he will be known as King Charles is still unknown since monarchs get to choose their regal names.

In the upcoming days, the Queen’s body will be moved to Westminster Hall followed by a formal military parade to say goodbye for the Queen, who was on the throne for over 70 years. The rest of the funerary services are yet to be announced formally.

Let’s take a look at Queen Elizabeth II’s life milestones and her work as head of England and the United Kingdom since February 6, 1952.

A Queen that wasn’t destined to rule

As you might know, Queen Elizabeth wasn’t destined to rule either her father. She was the daughter of Bertie, King George VI, who was the second child of King George V. His eldest brother, David, succeeded his father as King Edward VII, but before a year of his ruling, he abdicated in favor of Bertie to be able to marry the love of his life, Wallis Simpson.

Long story short, not being prepared to become a King, Bertie assumed the title and performed excellently, even having to deal with the difficult task of leading the country during the horrors of WWII. While doing that, he set a great example for his daughters Elizabeth and Margaret; the future Queen even trained and served as a mechanic during the war.

When the war was over, King George’s health started to deteriorate due to cancer and his smoking habits. Little by little, Elizabeth began covering for her father at important official tours. In 1952, she and her husband, Prince Philip, embarked on a long trip throughout Africa and Australia. Just a couple of days on their royal tour, King George VI passed. Elizabeth became Queen at 25 years old.

Elizabeth and Philip’s love story

Throughout almost all her 70 years of reign, Queen Elizabeth was accompanied and supported by the love of his life Philip, whom she met when she was only 8 years old at the wedding of common relatives. Both Elizabeth and Philip were widely related to the European royalty. Five years later, 13-year old Elizabeth met Philip at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth; she was amazed by the handsome Philip.

For years, they communicate through letters, growing and growing their mutual affection. Finally, eight years later, Elizabeth and Philip started dating to the surprise of King George and Queen Mary. Despite the many doubts of their parents due to Philip’s family story, they accepted his petition to marry Elizabeth. The couple announced their engagement in 1947, and a couple of months later tied the knot in a huge ceremony that involved a gorgeous wedding dress paid by Elizabeth with rationing coupons.

Ever since, Philip accompanied Elizabeth in all the important moments and those complicated ones as well, until he died in 2021. They were the longest-married royal couple in history.

A young Queen

Though Elizabeth assumed the crown at a very early age, and despite not being destined, to rule, since the very first moment she proved she was more than fit to lead. Not only did she become a very loved Queen, but she also demonstrated that her wits and amazing diplomatic skills were what the country needed to modernize and thrive.

Though Charles has been preparing all his life to follow his mother’s steps, filling the spot left by Queen Elizabeth II, will be a monumental task.

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