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Top 10 Latino Baseball Players That Are Making History In The 2021 Playoffs

Por: María Isabel15 de octubre de 2021

These Latino baseball players are making history on the diamond during the 2021 playoffs!

By José Alfredo Otero

Baseball might be the most American sport par excellence, but just as the US itself it's full of ethnic diversity. For the past decades, Latino players have been conquering the diamond and making history. Today, it's no different. Here are the 10 most impressive Latino players that are making a great job in the 2021 playoffs!

1. Kiké Hernández (Puerto Rico)

He ignited the Boston Red Sox offense since Game 2 of the Division Series by getting on base up to 7 times in a row, including home runs, tying, and setting playoff records. Almost single-handedly, he's given the Red Sox three wins in a row over making the team qualify to the American League Championship Series for the first time since 2018, with a sacrifice fly from him. He will face the Houston Astros, one of the teams that let this amazing Puerto Rican pearl go.

2. Carlos Correa (Puerto Rico)

The Puerto Rican player also maintains his habit of transforming himself in the playoffs and helping the Astros in this instance, batting at zero hours as he did in the Divisional Series against the Chicago White Sox. Correa is super meticulous not only in his craft but also as a businessman. He's always analyzing numbers on the diamond and his finances; proof of that is the next contract he will sign soon. He's a player we must keep an eye on!

3. Wander Franco (Dominican Republic)

This 20-year-old stood up in the Division Series against the Red Sox at Fenway Park. His unique style has made him both defensively and offensively accurate. That's why he is the No. 1 prospect in the Major Leagues.

4. José Altuve (Venezuela)

This Venezuelan player has also transformed himself in the playoffs in the style of his teammate Correa. He has done everything in the 2021 Major League Baseball postseason, from hitting, running, and scoring with great sliding, and great catches. Even after being booed, balled, and silenced, Altuve avenged himself with a home run, and he keeps tying and setting records at this stage.

5. Randy Arozarena (Cuba)

Arozarena came back to the game to demonstrate, for the second consecutive season, that he's the king of playoffs. Although he hasn't reached the Rays, he has hit impressive home runs, important hits, and even stole home. We miss you Randyplayoffs!

6. Alex Verdugo (Mexico)

The Mexican has done everything from destroying the New York Yankees to stealing and taunting the Rays, even after declaring that he wants to be a two-way player.

7. Julio Urias (Mexico)

The also Mexican player has been unbeatable in these playoffs as he was in 2020, even with the bat. Today he opens for the Dodgers' pass to the Championship Series.

8. Camilo Doval (Dominican Republic)

The young Dominican pitcher is closing games for the Giants in the Division Series against the Dodgers. Although he made his debut earlier this year, he's positioning himself as a new promise in the playoffs. 

9. Christian Vazquez (Puerto Rico)

Here's another Red Sox representative getting under the spotlight. The Puerto Rican catcher not only grounded out against the Rays in Game 3 of the Divisional Series, but he also scored the run to ground out Tampa Bay in Game 4, as he opened the inning with a hit to left field.

10. Xander Bogaerts and Rafael Devers (Aruba / Dominican Republic)

Technical tie in the 10th position between the Bogaerts and Devers. The former resuscitated and revived against the Yankees, and the latter hit some impressive home runs against the Rays.

Bonus: Eddie Rosario (Puerto Rico)

We couldn't leave Rosario out of the equation! He touched the ball to break the special defensive formation and helped the Braves in Game 4 of the Divisional Series against the Milwaukee Brewers with a two-run game-tying RBI hit that clinched a second straight season in the Championship Series.

Text and photos courtesy of El Fildeo
Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

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