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We tend to see death as the enemy, but our lives would be far less meaningful and appealing were it not for the fact that they will end.
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Dicho estudio identifica la presencia de un gen específico y hereditario que predispone esta enfermedad; según Fundación Alma IAP. De aplicarse de forma permanente en el cuadro básico de salud pública, se reduciría de forma significativa el creciente número de nuevos casos.
These days, even the most graphic violence doesn't make us flinch, but there are ways to resensitize ourselves and become less numb to violence.
According to this analysis, having no children and no husband can really lead to a very happy life. Go figure.
In the age of climate change and moral enlightenment, it seems a good time to stand against the exploitation of the environment and animal cruelty. So, is it actually time for all of us to become vegan?
After a successful night at the Billboard Awards, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have just tied the knot in an unexpected wedding officiated by an Elvis Presley impersonator in Vegas.