10 Moisturizing Products For Men Who Want Nice Skin This Winter

10 Moisturizing Products For Men Who Want Nice Skin This Winter

By: Hugo Marquez -

Hydration is key for healthy skin, but the harshness of winter is not our best ally to achieve it. So, take a look at these 10 products to boost the look and health of your skin.

We all love the wintertime, with its flavors, colors, and smells, but have you ever thought about what the cold does to your skin? The season might look amazing on photos of many places around the globe, but in real life, it’s anything but friendly. The cold can wreak havoc in your body, making your immune system work harder, causing your limbs to go numb every once in a while, and drying up your skin so bad it hurts or even cracks open. 

Our skin is the shield that protects us from the elements, pollution, and outside agents in general, so hydration plays a super important role in its health and appearance. Think about it: our body is 60% percent water, so it requires a lot of hydration, from drinking water to eating moist solids, and of course, products. 

That’s why I bring you the ultimate moisturizers for you to protect your skin from dehydration, itchiness, and tightness.

1 - BRATOXIN by Brazilian Skin

10 Moisturizers For Men During WinterPicture @brzlnskin

This serum has become one of my favorite products now that I’m about to hit my thirties. Its consistency is so light and easy to apply that all I need to do is put it on right after I shower (perfect for guys who are always on a rush). It works wonders on my skin and gets rid of dryness and tightness on my cheeks and forehead for the whole day. 

2 - Oil-Control Mattifying Moisturizer by Clinique

10 Moisturizers For Men During Winter

This one is especially great for the summer, but it also works in the winter. I like to apply it right on top of sunscreen, since it mattifies your face, blending those white spots sunscreen can leave. Its fast absorption, gel-like texture, and lack of scent make it perfect to recover after a long day in the sun.

3 - Cleanance MAT Mattifying Emulsion by Avène

10 Moisturizers For Men During Winter

It moisturizes your skin with just one application. It’s great for after exfoliating (which you should always do at night) since it’s very smooth, and its thermal water makes it awesome to smooth any kind of sore (like after shaving, sunburn, or super dry weather). 

4 - Daily Moisture Defense Lotion by Lab Series

10 Moisturizers For Men During Winter

It absorbs fast and hydrates your skin for a long period. I would recommend this one just for the day and avoid applying it on top of sunscreen (since it can get a little sticky).

5 - Seaweed Oil Control Gel by The Body Shop

10 Moisturizers For Men During Winter

A total lifesaver when you’re on a budget. This product leaves your face feeling soft and fresh, and although it has a mattifying effect, you shouldn’t expect it to last more than a few hours.

6 - Açai Sleep Mask by Brazilian Skin

10 Moisturizers For Men During Winter@brzlskin

Sometimes we need more than just a moisturizer, so why not try a hydrating mask every once in a while? This açaí mask is easy to use: apply a small amount of product before going to bed, gently scrub it off in the shower, and that’s it. It’s a real energy booster that revitalizes your skin and makes it look younger, brighter, and smoother. 

7 - Photoderm Max Aquafluide by Bioderma

10 Moisturizers For Men During Winter@threeinone_store

Sunscreen is a must, even in the winter, and this one is perfect because it leaves no oily residue, dries fast, and even mattifies your face. 

8 - Sensi Baume Aftershave by Vichy

10 Moisturizers For Men During Winter

I wouldn’t recommend shaving during the winter (if you can avoid it), since the dryness of the air affects your skin even more, given that you just peeled off a layer. However, if you really have no choice, this aftershave takes care of any redness or itchiness in your skin.

9 - Bratoxinsta by Brazilian Skin

10 Moisturizing Products For Men Who Want Nice Skin This Winter 1@brzlskin

If you’re starting to get crow’s feet or expression lines, this product is just what you need.  A small dollop applied to the skin with pads of your fingertips is more than enough to reduce the appearance of those lines and hydrate the area. 

10 - Repair Lip Balm by Lavera

10 Moisturizers For Men During WinterPicture @lavera_naturkosmetik

This is my last go-to moisturizer. I always carry it in my pocket because I suffer from chapped lips a lot, especially in the winter. But with this lip balm, one application from this colorless and scentless balm after brushing your teeth is all you need to avoid getting dry lips. 

I always look for good moisturizers that leave no oily traces on my skin to avoid looking greasy and breaking out. And after many years of buying and trying different brands and products, these are the ones I strongly recommend for guys with oily, dry or mixed skin types. 

There’s no need to feel the unpleasant effects of winter on your skin, so why not give these a chance? Remember that it’s also important to take care of your skin from within with a good diet, some exercise, and of course, drinking lots of water. 

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