10 Dating Ideas To Enthrall The Love Of Your Life

10 Dating Ideas To Enthrall The Love Of Your Life

By: Andrea Paz -

You wake up in the mornings next to the person you love and your feet slightly brush against each other. The course of love has never run as smoothly as it has now. All the perfect virtues you look for in a relationship are there, chemistry, love, and trust. It feels as like 24 hours are not enough to be with each other. 

Sticking together through thick and thin is not easy. Couples need to discover how to keep the other person interested. These dating ideas will  bring back the spark and it goes way beyond a simple stroll down the park. 

dating ideas bed 

Cycling Tours

Taking a cycling tour of the city can be a very romantic date, so invite your significant other to discover popular locations, historic buildings, and gourmet restaurants in the comfort of your bikes. It is a win-win situation, you won’t have to worry about traffic and both of you can stay fit.

 dating ideas bike


Botanical Gardens

Why take a stroll down a park, when you can do so in a botanical garden? Imagine yourselves surrounded by flowers, walking with your significant other, holding hands, and making plans about the future. Botanical gardens can be incredibly beautiful and the floral scents will relax both of you. We all need time to unwind and a botanical garden can be the perfect setting. 

dating ideas garden


Go to a Concert

Music is a touchy subject for many couples because tastes can vary a lot. Even if you don't share the same love for bands and singers, it is a good opportunity to explore new music. Try going to a concert of a band you both like or one of your favorite singers to convince your significant other of their greatness. 

dating ideas concert


Brunch/Lunch/Dinner Outside the Big City

Instead of eating at a stuffy and fancy restaurant, why not invest that money in a road trip to the nearest quaint town. Explore new cuisines, restaurants, and discover new historical buildings or tourist attractions.

dating ideas town


Camping Trip

It is a bold idea adventurous couples will enjoy. If you're not the outdoorsy type, it is a good opportunity to stretch your limits and try something new. Get away from the city noise, the gadgets, and the traffic.
Show your wild side in the mornings, and cuddle up during the freezing nights. 

dating ideas camping

Climb a Mountain

True love can overcome every challenge. Consider putting this to the test by climbing a mountain together. Push each other's limits to conquer the top of a hill, and take a selfie with the beautiful landscape that surrounds you. We suggest you take the proper equipment with you and make sure you are in peak condition so you don't faint halfway. 
camping mountain



You add a pinch of salt to the sauce, and taste it. You hand over the wooden spoon to your partner and you share a kiss. Cooking is a one of the best dating ideas to help  keep the romance alive. Make fun of the mistakes and enjoy the moment, like Woody Allen's famous kitchen scene in Annie Hall. Or simply put your cooking skills to the test.  

dating ideas cooking

Netflix and… Actually Chill

Turn off the lights, and your cellphones. Choose a movie from the catalogue, order some take out, and binge watch your favorite movies. Whether it is a stormy day, or a cozy night, this date will be a successful one.

dating ideas netflix


Take Them to Your Favorite Spot In The Whole World

Sharing the location you consider to be the most intimate one, or the one where you get inspired is a big step for you in your relationship. Perhaps, it is time to show them your favorite spot in the whole world, and admire that beautiful landscape together.

dating ideas spot

Party All Night Long

This idea consist of combining multiple mini-dates. Start by going out to  dinner and ordering the first thing you read on the menu. Move from party to party, and dance like no one’s watching, when your feet can’t take it, keep moving. End the date by going to a place where you can take out a blanket, and watch the sunrise together.

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