15 Reasons Why They Stopped Talking To You

15 Reasons Why They Stopped Talking To You

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By: Olympia Villagrán

February 16, 2017

Lifestyle 15 Reasons Why They Stopped Talking To You
Avatar of Olympia Villagrán

By: Olympia Villagrán

February 16, 2017

Act 1

The protagonist of this story notices in her unfurnished bedroom a reflection of the void in her lonely heart. She wonders when was the last time she felt warmth, passion, or even happiness. She frowns, makes a fist, and stands up abruptly to find a black plastic bag where she'll throw everything that reminds her of that last heartbreak. She takes a shower and, while she washes her hair, decides where to go for a gin and tonic.

they stopped talking to you bed

Act 2

A girl with a stunning makeup, a sequin clutch, and high heels enters decisively to the bar. She stands at the center of the counter and orders a drink while analyzing the night's prospects. Not even twenty five minutes have passed when one of them approaches her and starts a "casual conversation." Both know it'll possibly end in one of their bedrooms. They ask for the check and, while holding hands, get into a cab. Before entering to our protagonist's apartment, while they're by the stairs, both start taking off their clothes, and the moment they go inside, the fun begins...

they stopped talking to you couple

Act 3

Not having it planned, they wake up hugging each other, and when they look directly into their eyes for the first time since they met, they realize this may go beyond a casual encounter. They exchange phone numbers, and so, they start going out for about a month and a half. Just when she feels comfortable, like she hasn't felt for a while, he disappears off the face of the earth.

they stopped talking to you phone

The play is over, the curtains close and the question every spectator is asking is why he stopped talking to her? The list could reach one hundred reasons, but then that would be justifying a disappearance instead of looking for an explanation to this guy's behavior. 

The real reasons why someone stops having contact with you are not that clear, so, in order to understand them, first we have to accept this: it isn't always about you. The reasons why someone distances from you could not always be related to you.

15. For some reason, they hate or are afraid of commitment.

14. Emotionally, they're not in a good place to share their lives with someone else.

they stopped talking to you face

13. Their last partner is still present in their lives.

12. They just ended a destructive and exhausting relationship and need time to get over it.

they stopped talking to you hair

11. They simply wanted to go out with you to have fun for a while.

10. Even if it didn't seem likely, they might be seeing someone else besides you.

they stopped talking to you lonely

9. You remind them of someone they're trying to forget.

8. Their interest in you is only sexual.

they stopped talking to you red

7. Their families are pressuring them to get married and start a family, which is pushing them away from any sort of relationship.

6. Someone broke their heart, and now they're avoiding falling in love.

they stopped talking to you balcony

5. They have never had a relationship, so they don't really know how to behave in that situation.

4. They're not willing to change their single lifestyle.

they stopped talking to you floor

3. They think they're not enough for you. Therefore, they don't feel capable of fulfilling your expectations.

2. They don't feel comfortable with you because you can be very controlling, intense, or squeamish.

1. At the beginning, they thought you were "The One," but they realized you're not.

they stopped talking to you street

It may seem sad, unfair, or cruel, but it's better to know the truth, even if it hurts, than listening to a bunch of lies. Enjoy the experience and, no matter how long it lasts, learn from it. Wait for destiny to surprise you with new people. If someone stopped talking to you, it's because they wanted to; there's no other explanation.

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Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards